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I used lime kool Aid with lime juice and all Splenda and no gelatin . It set up just fine but it lacked a creaminess. You have to love the fact that it has almost no calories but I think I try this again using gelatin and adding some fat free evaporated milk. Perhaps using the crust would make a difference in the overall taste and texture but I just put it into dessert dishes.

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Annacia May 07, 2010

I can see how this would be a really good substitute for "All Things Evil" in regular pie filling, but I think I flubbed up, so I won't rate it right now. I don't have a lot of experience cooking desserts and the like. I followed the directions to the letter, but I think I didn't let it thicken enough. I ended up adding more cornstarch/water. I'm afraid my photo depicts the jello-like consistency I achieved which, because of too much cornstarch, rendered the flavor "off". My fault. I do want to get this down, though, so I'll try again. Thank you for posting, MUSEconnie!

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Sandi (From CA) January 20, 2009

Unbelievable! Yes, this is just as good as it says it is. The only thing I did different was leave out the Nutrasweet and add in more splenda, and I added 1/4 tsp of lemon extract to give it that 'sharp' taste. Very, very good! I'm about to go make it again and use it for lemon bars! Oh, nd I definitely used the gelatine to keep it from 'weeping.' Worked beautifully.

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Suzy-Q Cooks June 19, 2008
Sugar-Free Mock Lemon or Fruit Pie Filling