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What a treat! I am always looking for low cal, low carb, low sugar recipes, and this one was so fantastic I made some for a party but we ate it all so I had to make another! Thanks!

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mama2taterlou November 17, 2010

My husband and I are on a low carb diets, and he was aching for something sweet. He purposely thawed out a bag of unsweetened peaches, supposedly to make a smoothie. But then he didn't want the shake and ever so sweetly asked if I could make him something baked. What a snake! 8 o'clock at night! Geeeezzzz! But lover that I am, I found this recipe and had it mixed up by the time the counter oven was hot. 40 mins later, wah lah, peach cobbler! No ice cream to cool it down, so he had to blow on it real good. He complained at all his effort, I told him, "Don't worry Hon...it gives you good practice for later!" We laughed, and he flirted back, "Scandalous woman!" This recipe was fabulous and finished at breakfast.

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ab4u2day March 01, 2016
Sugar Free Fresh Peach Cobbler