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OKAY. LET ME TELL YOU ONE THING. I made an account on this website solely for the purpose of reviewing this cookie. I mean, yeah. I'll probably use it in the future for something. But take a moment to sit down, stare at a wall, turn on some intense music, and let that sink in. I used a whole five minutes of my ever-dwindling life to sign up for this website just so I could review this cookie. I could have been sleeping. I could have been watching children and puppies play in a park. I could have been enjoying the great outdoors. I could have been saving lives. Instead, I chose to write this review. WITH THAT IN MIND, let it be known that you have just casually stumbled upon the holy grail of microwave cooking. Now, I have been cooking ridiculous things in the microwave for quite a long time now. I have no idea why. Sometimes I theorize that it is more that I am amused by the fact that I can cook something in the microwave that does not taste like a shoe than the fact that I am actually hungry or in want of a dessert. Naturally, when I noticed last week that I had neither the brown sugar nor cocoa powder necessary to recreate either of the recipes I usually go for, I became desperate. So desperate, in fact, that I actually overcame my tendency to lie on the floor and make strange noises when faced with adversity and took to Google to find another recipe that called for neither of those ingredients. Now, initially, I was a bit hesitant -- ever since the Great Gravity-Defying Egg Incident of 2012, I had been wary of microwave recipes involving eggs in any capacity (not to mention the fact that even so much as slight eggy flavor in anything but. uh. an egg. is, in my humble opinion, the nastiest thing in the world). But for some reason, I saw in this recipe the very image of hope and prosperity. Without further ado, I began frantically mixing flour, sugar, butter, and everything else. For good measure, I threw in probably more butterscotch chips than anyone has any business consuming in one sitting. I then placed my concoction in the microwave and said a silent prayer to the microwave gods that I would not be let down. Needless to say, I was very pleased with the outcome. I have since made it two additional time, once substituting my butterscotch chips for mini m&ms. I have no regrets. Please make this cookie. Yes, some people have said that it "tastes like a bad pancake." Some people have also said that the Earth is flat. If you want to lead a fulfilling life, you would be wise to get up right now and go make this. Please. It is truly inspiring.

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I made it exactly as written, except I dusted the top with granulated sugar because I didn't have sprinkles. I was tempted to increase the sugar, but I wanted to rate the recipe exactly as it was written so I didn't. While it did taste like a sugar cookie and was VERY satisfying, I think I could have handled having an extra tablespoon of sugar in it. It was sweet as is, but I have a really big sweet tooth. I will try it that way next time, but thanks for the dessert. Super easy and super fast!<br/><br/>UPDATE! I have been playing with this recipe. Yes, it is definitely better with 3 TBP of sugar. Also, I looked at a chocolate cookie recipe on pinterest and made some changes to this recipe as a combo of the two for a yummy chocolate cookie/brownie treat. Changes are: 2 and 1/2 TBP of sugar, no egg yolk, 1 tsp of oil, 2 tsp of milk, 2 tsp of cocoa. Microwave for 45 seconds, then an additional 10 seconds, very very light sprinkle of salt and then sprinkle with confectioners sugar. (Leave out the salt if you don't like salty chocolate.) DELISH!

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Churby February 14, 2014

i found that if i cooked it for 30 seconds that it was still to dry so i found that 25 seconds is more preferable for my taste bud!

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callieborose September 21, 2014

I followed both these suggestions, added 3T of sugar and sprinkled some sugar on the top. Yummy! I also didn't have any white flour, so I used 2T almond flour and 1T coconut flour. It worked out great!

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ibleedgreen92 .. January 29, 2014

Yumm!! After reading the first review, I added 3T of sugar instead of the 2T as listed. I thought it was perfect and it reminded me that in my other mug recipes, the sugar to flour ratio is typically the same (so for me it made sense to increase it). It was yummy and sweet...just like a sugar cookie! :) Will definitely make again.

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Kohtzy January 24, 2014

plz dont get tricked it taste like a bad pancake

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review t. June 12, 2014

I know that usually cookies in a mug or cakes in a mug don't turn out right. I read the reviews and there was only one bad one out of twelves so I decided to give it a shot... I first did it as the recipe says. I was not happy. So I tried it again, adding the extra sugar like a few of the reviews suggested. And my conclusion is: I agree with the person who says it tasted like a bad pancake... I was so beyond disappointed that I made an account just so that no one else gets fooled by this recipe. I mean it may satisfy a craving for sweetness, but seriously you are better off going to the store and buying cookie dough or making your own cookie dough and baking it in the oven!

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outlawed-angel May 14, 2015

Honestly, this is delicious!<br/>I was, sincerely, worried about the ONLY bad review about this- I'm a negative person. But I decided to try it anyways, because I had nothing better to eat in the afternoon.<br/>Let me say that even though I cooked it 1:30 instead of 45 seconds (because my electricity sucks because the guy next door has this weird machine that consumes lots of power), it was fluffy when I took it out of the microwave! <br/>I'm not a big fan of vanilla essence, but the smell that this had was just AWESOME! <br/>Also I'm a little bit slow eating hot things so by the time it cooled down (3-4 minutes after I took it out of the microwave) it was a little bit dry/hard on the bottom, but I'm assuming that's due to me overcooking it in the first place.<br/>Awesome recipe!

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Chocorade November 19, 2014

Meh. When I first found this recipe, I was awed by the sheer determination of ENTHUSIASM PERSONIFIED and I felt inspired to do this recipe. Though at first the taste is strange, it grows on you when you realize that it is your only option. So while it is not as amazing as ENTHUSIASM PERSONIFIED claims, it does not taste like a bad pancake.

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ally.vastano July 22, 2016

I was really skeptical about this recipe, because every other brownie or cookie in a mug recipe that i've tried has come out like mush, but this one actually worked! I used honey butter instead of regular butter, but everything else I did just as the recipe called for. When it finished cooking, it smelled absolutely amazing, and it tasted great as well. I highly recommend this recipe!

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thirteen March 04, 2016
Sugar Cookie in a Mug or Coffee Cup