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We loved the flavor of these potatoes. They tasted like our favorite baked sweet potatoes that have a brown sugar, butter and pecan topping. My only change next time will be to steam the potatoes for about half the time I did last night. I used my rice/veggie steamer and steamed the sliced potatoes for 35 minutes. Next time I'll only steam them about 20 minutes. I'm hoping they will hold up to the caramelizing process if they are a little firmer to begin with. I tried to let them brown a little more, but they were quickly becoming chunky mashed potatoes, which only mattered for photographic purposes, they tasted so awesome that no one cared what shape they came to the table in. ;) Thanks for sharing some great recipes for us to remember you by. Made & enjoyed for cookathon in Pammy's memory.

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**Tinkerbell** November 17, 2013

What a great way to make plain ole potatoes shine in flavor. The recipe appealed to me because I wanted to try steaming potatoes (which I don't usually cook my potatoes that way). This method really softened up the potatoes nicely. Made for the 2013 pammyowl Cook-A-Thon in Pam's memory. And I will return to this recipe often.

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NorthwestGal November 13, 2013

We all loved the flavors in this but I had problems with my potatoes<br/>almost turning to mashed potatoes and. I tried to undercook them slightly. <br/>I think next time I will pan fry the potatoes then do the sugar/butter mixture or<br/>something along those lines... Delicious potatoes! Served with leftover veggies over<br/>loose leaf lettuce and Webo Yena (Deviled Eggs). Made for ZWT 9.

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COOKGIRl August 01, 2013
Sugar Browned Potatoes (Danish)