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The ham is sweet and moist inside after getting through the charred but flavourful crust. I am not going to decrease the stars because in rereading the introduction to the recipe just now I noticed (duh) that it says to be sure to use a fully cooked ham. I am not sure how I missed that!! I had printed the recipe and it is there as plain as the nose on my face. My ham, like Diana's took 3 hours to get to 160* and by then the outside was rather blackened. It did no harm to the inside of the ham. It was still moist and so tasty. I will stick to my usual way of cooking ham only because I always buy partially cooked ham. If you buy fully cooked I think this would be a great option. Thanks for sharing your recipe. Made for 2010 Spring PAC.

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GaylaV April 05, 2010

This is a lovely recipe. I had a whole ham that was probably about 5lbs. I think I probably put too much of the sugar mixture on, as it was quite thick. :) The meat was very tender too. It did cook for about 3 hours in total before I reached the 160* on the meat thermometer. Not a problem though. I only had it on high for about 5 minutes. The drippings and sugar in the pan started smoking, and I didn't want to have to deal with a screaming smoke detector. :) Thanks so much for sharing your recipe. It was very easy and very tasty.

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Diana #2 November 16, 2009

Delicious! Had one of those pricey natural hams, the kind that are fully cooked but no yukky chemicals added, and was looking for a simple recipe that wouldn't overhwelm the ham's flavor. I've tried a lot of different ham recipes, and this has to be the easiest. Presentation is absolutely beautiful, taste is fantastic, and leftovers are to die for. The sugar crust gets nice and crunchy, not too sweet amd not too mustardy. Couldn't manage to press all of the sugar on before baking, so pulled the ham out about halfway through to add the rest. Thanks for sharing the recipe!!

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LonghornMama August 30, 2009

It really kept the ham moist and flavorful! I wasn't able to do the last 15 minat 450 because it always sends my smoke alarms off (LOL) but it was still good! I will do again, but I'm planning to try different mustards. Thanks!

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cowsmoo August 14, 2007

Yummy! Yummy! Yummy! This was so good. I will definatly make this again! I made it for guests and everyone loved it. Thanks for posting - made for PAC Spring 2007

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Shannon 24 May 11, 2007
Sugar Baked Ham