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Great recipe and really Mexican. I very seldom ran into tomatoes in salsa in Mexico. Or if they were there they had only a slight tomato taste. I also made it without the vinegar and it's great.

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Merle 1 March 15, 2010

I am IN LOVE with the flavor of this recipe! The only reason it gets a four instead of a five is because HOLY COW, girl! You must have taste buds of steel! I didn't add the jalapenos nor the habenero, and it was more than "mildly spicy." (I did allow a few seeds from the dried peppers to sneak their way in...maybe that's why?) I also left out the cilantro because I wanted to use this as an enchilada-type sauce, and cilantro wasn't a flavor I was looking for. I added close to 3 cups of liquid to make it more pourable, and saved 1/2 cup amounts in snack-sized Ziplocs and froze them to take to work with my homemade frozen veggie lunch wraps. Froze well! The vinegar separated a tiny bit, but a quick stir and it was good to go. I am not in love with how much prep work went into the chiles, but the flavor, I have to admit, makes up for it. I'll probably make and freeze in large batches in the future so I don't have to hassle with the prep as often. I will certainly serve this as table salsa as well, with the cilantro and less liquid...about a cup was a good consistency for me. My dad and I have always loved chile-based salsas, but I've never had one quite this good (I think it's the lime...could be the vinegar, too...). Thanks a trillion, Sue. You're the best! :-)

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Are-Oh-Be-Why-In May 22, 2009

Absolutely AWESOME! the flavor compliments fish tacos amazingly. My wife and I almost went through a whole bag of chips in one meal with this recipe too. Great Recipe, keep up the great work.

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Cooking for Pleasure April 05, 2009

Great work. Very simple and tasty recipe. I toast my chiles in a cast iron skillet first and it really "wakes up" the natural flavor and adds a smokey element. You can toast the garlic in it's paper that way too. Either way, this salsa made as instructed here is very good and it's a nice change.

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The Rock & Roll BBQ Chef April 18, 2008
Sue's Mexican Table Salsa