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This is a nice breakfast, lunch, or brunch recipe. I halved it for my husband and I. At the time I made it, the instructions didn't say to make the sauce in a saucepan and I'm pointing this out for a novice cook who may not realize this is a cooked sauce! I melted the butter in a saucepan over low to medium heat and whisked in the flour. To keep the sauce white, I fairly soon whisked in the milk. Since I like a thicker sauce, I used a tablespoon of flour for 1/2 the recipe and I didn't think it needed more salt. I chose this recipe because it is nostalgic for me as my grandmother used to make this same dish with a slightly different presentation. She used to slice the eggs in half and mound two halves on each slice of toast and poured the sauce over and garnished with a sprinkling of paprika. Thanks for posting, Chef #1086570! Made for PAC Spring 2011.

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mersaydees March 15, 2011

I haven't had this in years - my mom used to make "creamed eggs" with the whole egg mixed into the bechamel (white sauce) rather than sprinkling the yolks on top. I cut the recipe in half (and ate it all myself! oops), using 3 eggs. Used a little more pepper (black as I didn't have white on hand). Thanks for bringing me back to my childhood! :)

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flower7 April 26, 2014

A quick and easy lunch! I cut recipe to 2 eggs to serve 2 and used it on some leftover cornbread. Delicious! Made for Spring Pick a Chef Game.

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Outta Here April 12, 2012

I learned to make this in my first cooking class in the 60's in Wisc.The best comfort food ever. So easy to make and always our family favorite. Thank you for posting it.

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School cooker December 27, 2008
Sue's Goldenrod Eggs