Substitute for Mascarpone Cheese

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5 mins
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Okay, okay I know. True tiramisu uses mascarpone, but just in case your local Safeway or whatever doesn't carry it, which is often the case, this is a good substitute. I used it in Emeril's tiramisu recipe and it came out very nicely. Just thought this might help someone.

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  1. Blend all three ingredients together until smooth.
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Do you know how hard it is to find mascarpone cheese where I live? It's easier to find a unicorn! I made a batch of tiramisu this past weekend and used this substitute. Served it to some discerning food snobs, and it got a thumbs up from everyone, and a request for seconds. One friend asked me where I had managed to find mascarpone in our culinary dessert. I just sat back and smiled. This will be our secret, Kevin, thanks! Next time I'm going to try it with a lower-fat cream cheese.

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Genius and such a life-saving recipe when the real thing becomes impossible to find! Used it in my cannoli cupcakes and nobody was the wiser. Thank you!

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Great sub. Thanks for posting.