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I can't tell you how much we love this recipe!! I work at a dining facility in Iraq, with many chefs from India, Pakistan, Nepal, Sri Lanka--everyone loves this soup. When I started making specialty soups months ago, this quickly became very popular with Staff as well. Rasam is ubiquitious in Kerala State in South India(that and Sambar...will get to your recipe of that later. :) ) When we have really duststormy days--I have the soup pot out to make this elixir. I t reminds me of a garlic soup my Grandmaused to give us for stuffy heads...except Rasam being from India, the flavors are much more layered, and complex, and now we know very health-giving--can't beat ginger, garlic, turmeric, and chilies.:) We can't get tamarind, so I substitute fresh lime juice and zest, and of course can't get the lovely fresh curry leaves, so have to use bay leaf. Still...it surpasses chicken soup as a cure-all!!

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ashkani August 29, 2008

This stuff really works, the introduction is true! Whenever I have a cold or am about to get one, I make Subru Uncle's rasam and it's like instant relief. Forget Vicks and pills, just have good ol' traditional rasam. Its strong fresh spices and flavors will help you from the first inhale! Thank you, Uncle Subru!

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gangakeshav July 24, 2009

Excellent recipe! Tasted just like the rasam at indian restaurants. It's very spicy, but you can add more and more water towards the end as you taste it. The only changes I had to make are: use 1 tsp curry pwdr instead of curry leaves, use a 15 oz can of stewed tomatoes instead of fresh, and I added the yellow lentils (about 1 cup, cooked) along with the lentil water. Delicious! Will definitely use this recipe over and over again.

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willop October 24, 2008
Subru Uncle's Delicious Spicy S.indian Rasam Curry We Love