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Sorry but this dressing did NOT measure up to our expectations. I'm very glad I decided to do a trial run the day before and not make it the day of. It calls for so much broth that is super soggy!!!! Did not dry out at all, and it was like mush! So if you like that kind of dressing then you may like this, as the flavor was wonderful. But we like our dressing more

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hawkswife November 28, 2014

This dressing was GREAT! I followed the recipe pretty closely. I did butter the crock before adding the dressing, and (surprise) it didn't stick. I also put 2 turkey legs on top just to make the dressing like it had been cooked inside the bird (the juices run down into the dressing.) The cooking time was right on at 5 hours (the turkey legs were slightly frozen.) So, I think 4 hours without them would have been fine. The seasoning was just right and the eggs didn't make it stick together into a solid lump like I had expected. I'm putting this recipe in my "keeper" file and will make it again in the future whenever I want dressing. The cool thing is you really don't even need a turkey to use this recipe. It would be good with chicken or pork as well. It does make a lot, so I'll be putting some in the freezer for future use.

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Cook In Southwest November 29, 2013

I have made this recipe the last 3 years for Thanksgiving.... It is so easy and everyone loves it.

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Chef jbudkid November 28, 2013

I forgot to rate this recipe. I made it last Christmas and was very happy with it. I loved that it cleared up some room in the oven for other side dishes! I subsituted evaproated milk for the chicken broth, and there was love all around. Making it again tomorrow. Thank you.

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Coral_Jayne December 25, 2009

I made this for Thanksgiving and it was sooo good! Everyone loved it. Followed the recipe exactly as written, it came out perfect. I made this the night before I needed it, refrigerated it and then just put it in the crock pot the next day. I will use this recipe from now on whenever I need to make stuffing (dressing). It was very easy to make, thanks!

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Cooking in Wis. November 29, 2008

Weiner's mom is so right when she states all crockpots are not created equal. I followed all of acerast's suggestions, including stirring every hour or so. After three hours, this stuffing was just right. Four hours was too dry. If you can find your perfect hour, this tasty recipe won't disappoint. I also halved everything except kept the seasoning amounts nearly the same. That worked well too.

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ladyfingers November 26, 2008

This is one that is almost identical to the one that I have used for many years now. Cooking it in the crock pot gives it great flavor, keeps it moist and is a great help when you have a full oven. I add the seasonings that you have listed and also add garlic powder, celery seed and a pinch of crushed rosemary (our favorite combo.) Using two fry pans, I stir the seasoning into the warm butter and vegetable mixture and heat it just a bit until the seasonings are fragrant and then stir in the bread cubes and coat them in the butter mixture. When in the crock pot I stir the mixture every few hours to brown it more evenly. So glad you posted it here where I can find it! Thanks Weiner's Mom!

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Acerast November 28, 2007
Stuffing Crock Pot Dressing