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Delicious. I had lots of fresh zucchini from my mom's garden and this was a great way to use it. I really liked the meat filling so full of vegetables and seasonings. Topped off with cheese. Yummy good!!

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Gail Blue Eyes September 02, 2002

We had an abundance of Zucchini (isn't that always the case?) and I just loved this idea. But, my husband wasn't feeling like having an Italian flavored meal. So, we put our heads together and decided to take this idea and turn it Mexican. The only things we changed were the Italian spices and the cheese. We used cilantro instead of parsley, hot Mexican chili powder instead of Italian seasoning, curry instead of basil and added some cayenne and cumin. We switched the mozzarella cheese out for shredded Mexican cheese. It turned out really well. The only change we thought we'd make next time was sprinkle some salt over the Zucchini's before “stuffing� them. We used 4 good sized zucchini's and still had some meat mixture left over. So we added the zucchini “pulp� that we had scraped out, mixed it well (with meat), put it in a pan, poured some spicy Rotel tomatoes over it and baked it along with the others. It came out as a nice hearty, spicy dip for chips. This is a very versatile recipe, can't wait to try the original version – thanks! PS – I always substitute oatmeal for breadcrumbs and did this time as well. It is a healthful swap for those willing to try. :)

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JaeElle May 31, 2008

I have made stuffed zucchini before but not with a meaty filling. My husband and I both liked your version. The filling was spicy and well seasoned. This is a meal that we think is worth repeating.

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bella214 December 04, 2002

Made Vegetarian Style- I made these for Easter for our single adult son and a niece. I mention single because the only home cooking is from me. This recipe is a keeper. Wonderful, fresh tasting, moist and juicy made with fresh herbs. Other family member children were eating seconds (had no clue it was vegetarian). I used Morningstar Crumble, 1/2 ea red and green pepper, red and yellow tomato, red pepper flakes, omitted egg and use 1/4 C Panko, also marinara sauce. Reason for omitting egg and using less Panko, Crumble is moist and a soy protein, I didn't want to dry it out.
Thank you, a very versatile recipe for any stuffing (mushroom, eggplant,squash,tomato), I might try with Morningstar sausage next time. Will post pic soon.

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Cathey56 April 26, 2011

I cook the meat first, otherwise the texture seems a little mushy. LOVE this one!!

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swenseja September 17, 2014

This was fab!!!! I had an over abundance of zucchini and did some up and froze them. They were delicous as well. The squash didn't have as nice a texture as they did when fresh but the filling was just as good as it was when first mixed up. I'm thinking I'll take advantage of the next big ground beef sale and just freeze filling next time. This is definately a keeper!!! Thanks so much for sharing :)

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yedenmatka August 27, 2013

This absolutely wowed my whole family. Because we're all fond of spicy foods, I made one substitution, using "hot" bulk sausage instead of ground beef. It was incredibly flavorful!. Highly recommended!

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highcotton July 27, 2012

I have made stuffed zucchini in the past and thought I'd try a new recipe, especially since it had so many good reviews. The only thing I did differently is use fresh herbs (increased to equal the dry amount). I thought the dish was rather plain, despite adding even more mozzarella cheese than listed. I might have been better with spaghetti sauce instead of the tomato sauce. We had leftovers and I was anticipating it to taste even better the following night, as most dishes do, but it was really just the same as the first night. I would not use this recipe again.

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love2gardn July 13, 2012

Gave my mom this recipe tonight and she made it. Had to make a few provisions due to what we had on hand. Used only 1/4 salt, thought the rest of the ingredients had enough, used spiced canned tomatoes, drained, had no fresh ones here, substituted green and orange pepper for jalepeno, and used ragu as we had no tomato sauce...everything else we kept the same. I have to say it was one of the best dishes I've ever had. I hate rating recipes with so many changes but I'm sure it was just as good either way. We had leftovers so i can't wait to have it again tomorrow night. Thanks so much for sharing this great dish. I forgot to add that we had some leftover meat mixture that we plan to stuff green peppers with.and I can't wait! Thanks again.

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msjill111 July 13, 2012

A great budget recipe! 4 zucchini were enough to feed 8 people, we enjoyed it with a side of spaghetti mixed with garlic,olive oil and Parmesan cheese. Excellent !!!

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herbsnflowers August 16, 2011
Stuffed Zucchini