Total Time
Prep 5 mins
Cook 10 mins

This is a meal for the kiddies, something my mom used to make. It's a good way to use up leftover mashed potatoes. My son was skeptical,but after trying them,decided that they were pretty good.

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  1. Boil wieners until cooked.
  2. Let cool slightly or hold with tongs and cut a lengthwise slit 3/4 of the way through.
  3. Place wieners in a baking dish.
  4. Gently open the slit and spoon in heated mashed potatoes.
  5. Top with shredded cheddar and heat in microwave or under broiler just until cheese melts.
Most Helpful

I gave this 5 stars. My grammy used to make these. She would add chopped chives to the potatoes and top with american cheese and bake in the oven for 15 minutes at 350. Thanks for posting a yummy recipe. Christine (internetnut)

internetnut September 23, 2007

I can't believe I stumbled on this recipe here. This is one of my very favorite comfort foods from childhood. I still make if for myself sometimes. Simple, tasty and just what the doctor ordered when you have leftover hotdogs or mashed potatoes. Yum!

Gina*S July 16, 2005

So easy to make, and so loved by my kids!!! Thank you very much for posting this, islandgirl77551!! This is a keeper in my house! Made this for lunch today and the kids were asking me to make MORE for dinner tonight!!! (I liked them as well...) Great way to use up leftover mashed potatoes, too!

Stacky5 July 16, 2005