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freezing the cabbage makes it eaasy to peel the leaves ,...not rock hard just a little more then chilly

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Dienia B. May 17, 2010

My journey...I chose this because it looked yummy & it used juniper berries which I have & rarely see recipes using them. I will admit I was cursing this choice as I was trying to carefully peel back the cabbage leaves. ;) I would recommend blanching longer than 7 minutes as the middle hadn't softened at all. Perhaps 9 - 10 minutes? I cut an X in the very middle & crammed the stuffing in. It was fun layering the meat & re-wrapping the cabbage up. :) I used quite a bit of water - maybe I should have used a smaller pot? I cooked it for 1 1/2 hours instead of 2 (getting late - didn't start early enough) but it was perfect. It sat in the colander in the sink for about 10 mins then I unwrapped & cut. It was PERFECT. I served it with the broth. OMG IT WAS SOOOOOOOO DELICIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't wait to make this for company! Everybody should make this. Kind of like childbirth, I guess, you forget the pain of peeling back cabbage leaves once you've tasted the final product, lol. Thank you, Leslie!! Made for the 1/08 Aussie Swap.

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Elmotoo January 12, 2008
Stuffed Whole Cabbage