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I'm not very knowledgeable with cooking techniques, but I had to give it a shot because it sounded so good. The ingredients and steps seem long, but in the process of making it, it wasn't very daunting. The cheese sauce took the longest. Having never really made a cheese sauce before, I did my research. Apparently the reason why you can't let the cheese get to boiling point is because it will curdle. Good to know. The foil in the steamer went well, but I learned the hard way to use small servings of rice in the leaves when you wrap it up.
Overall, it was really good. The grapes and tomato sauce blend together really well with the cheese. I just drizzled it over my plate, and dipped it. Yum! Would be good as a side dish with grilled fish as the main dish.
If you're feeling like being culinarily (Is that a word?) adventurous, then you should give it a shot.

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jshakarian October 04, 2012
Stuffed Vine Leaves With Cheese Dressing #RSC