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I made this when an old friend came to stay this week. He enjoyed a glass of wine with me as I attempted to do this recipe. I thought I had bought sole fillets but as it turned out I had grabbed the wrong package. I had polluck and they are split in the middle so are very hard to roll up nicely. After many attempts and a couple glasses of wine I gave up. I layered this all in a casserole with the fish on the bottom.I used about 5 fillets. I omitted the shrimp and broth as I didn't have any and only used 1 can of soup. My friend was hysterical as he says I can never really follow a recipe, but everything I make tastes great. This was no exception. Great recipe I will definitely make this again! I may even buy the right fish this time.

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Fairy Godmother October 19, 2005

This recipe is completely wonderful. I absolutely love crab and shrimp, and to pair it up with a lovely white fish like sole and a creamy sauce... Heaven. I dislike tinned mushrooms, so I used fresh ones and guessed at the amount. Didn't seem to hurt anything.

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*Pixie* June 23, 2002
Stuffed Sole