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I'm sorry to say these didn't work out so well for me. The stuffing got too gummy for my taste... it was hard to slice them (even though i have a very good knife) without the filling squishing out. Perhaps my meat-to-stuffing ratio was off... if i try these again i would use less stuffing per roll, and i might make it with the minimum amount of water called for on the box instead of the maximum. On the up-side, my husband and son thought they were quite good.

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incdeb June 14, 2004

Excellent! Delicious and easy to make beef rolls that Italians call Braciole, Germans call Rouladen and the French call Roulade. I asked a meat cutter at the supermarket for 3 slices of top round 1/4 " thick (about 1 1/2 pounds. I pounded them to 1/8 " and cut them in half to make 6 rolls. I made the stuffing as directed but did not add the hot sauce or garlic powder to the sauce. I did add sliced fresh mushrooms and green bell pepper. I baked the rolls and sauce in a heavy dutch oven for 1 hour. I served the rolls with thin spaghetti and fresh grated Parmesan. Thanks for the great dinner SEvans!

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Lorac June 01, 2004
Stuffed Rouladen