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This is a great recipe. This is my first time making stuffed fish, but i received raving reviews. the stuffing was easy enough, and the aroma was wonderful. thx for sharing the recipe! =)

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Izzy Knight April 11, 2002

This was really good. Had to double the recipe due to 9 trout. They fit just perfect into my glass casserole dish. Added a bit of finely chopped cooked bacon to the stuffing... Five stars from the entire family. BIL said it was the best stuffing he had ever tasted! :) Thanks for sharing.

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Some1sGrandma October 19, 2007

This is an excellent recipe for stuffed trout, I used frozen thawed trout for this, and used seasoned salt and white wine, what a great dinner served with Nimrod's Mashed Potato Casserole (Pam's Mashed Potato Casserole) thanks for sharing this hon, I look forward to making this again soon!...Kitten:)

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Kittencal@recipezazz August 27, 2006

WELL!!! I am impressed. after years of loving trout and doing the usual: fried, baked with rice, etc etc, I decided to dedicate 3 lovely little trout to this recipe. I didnt have celery, and I dont like parsley, so they didnt make it to the pot. I didnt have italian bread, so I used italian herbs instead of oregano. Did it like the recipe, overlapped the trout on the stuffing, thought the cooking time was way too long: but it wasnt. Used "spek" instead of bacon, (vetspek pets calls it, fairly fatty, but very thin) It was wonderful!!! because of the long cooking, it had a stronger fish taste, and my husband and I both loved it!!! The fishy flavoured bread pudding base was wonderful by itself!! I didnt think it looked that good, as the skin was a little dry looking, but the taste made up for the looks!! I will make this often in the future, thanks Bev

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mummamills April 21, 2005

I used stove top stuffing instead of bread crumbs and really enjoyed this!

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Lisa A. January 24, 2016

I am always looking for different ways to cook trout because I catch a lot of them and too much of anything can become boring. I was expecting the combination of flavors from the trout, bacon, soy sauce, lemon, and spices to be exciting but, unfortunately, was disappointed. The fish tastes great (it's hard to beat fresh caught trout) but we found the stuffing to be too bland for our tastes. If I made it again I would experiment with more spices.

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Petie July 09, 2012

I had high hopes for this recipe but it just wasn't to our taste. My husband doesn't eat red meat so we didn't use the bacon.....maybe that's what makes the difference....but it seems to me it should have been good without the bacon and it wasn't. It was just too bland.

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Goody2shz June 23, 2010

This was a flavorful dish. The only thing I would do differently next time would be to leave off the flour. Thanks for posting!

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Tamaretta November 13, 2007

First I have to say I misread "Italian Bread Cubes" for bread crumbs, so my stuffing came out with a different texture. I had to use a bit of chicken broth to moisten the bread crumbs enough so they wouldn't be dry. Other than that I used the exact ingredients as you listed. I had a 3.5lb Brown Trout I filayed (sp), so Ihad nice big fillets to lay on top of the stuffing. This was rather easy to make. Very tasty. The chabis gave the stuffing a really nice flavour and the soy/lemon mixture along with the bacon flavor paired well with the dressing. There was a lot of flavor going on in this dish. A recipe worth making again, as I have more trout in the freezer. One thing I would like to add is: In the list of ingredients you don't say exactly how much butter. "1/4 butter". 1/4 cup? Stick?. Also the Parsley. 1/4 cup or 1/4 tsp? 1/4 bunch of Parsley. I used 1/4 stick of butter and 1/4 cup chopped parsley. Thank for a delcious recipe.

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L. Duch July 15, 2007

I used whole trout for this recipe. And because I made more of the stuffing than needed I placed the rainbow trout on the rest of the stuffing. The whole trout on the stuffing made such a nice presentation. My fish was done in about 45 minutes (I remove the cover after 30 minutes). The fish was perfect. The flavours of the delicate fish were not overhelmed by the other flavours. And the stuffing was surprisingly different. I like the "bread" character of the stuffing, but maybe I have used a bit too much bread (forget to measure). But anyway, it was great. Thanks for sharing such a great and easy to make fish recipe.

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Thorsten March 18, 2007
Stuffed Rainbow Trout