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What a wonderful little packet of food! These potatoes were very easy to make. I used a melon baller to scoop out the cooked potato and it worked great. I was a bit worried that the filling would fall out when flipped over, but everything stayed in place. While the bottom was frying, I spooned the hot oil over the top to set it - and that did the trick! The only thing is, you have to eat them while they are still HOT, otherwise the batter gets a bit funny. These would be really fun to have as an appetizer, you could cook them while folks are milling about - its a great finger-food. We served these with some hogao alongside (which is wonderful!). Thanks, Fabio, for starting me on my Colombian Food Obsession...

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Jostlori October 11, 2012
Stuffed Potatoes - Papas Rellenas, Colombia