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These were very good Jan, I used chopped spring onion instead of ordinary onion and it seemed to work well. Other than that followed the recipe. I think I would like to mix parmesan with perhaps a nice gouda to make the topping a little more creamy.

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Latchy July 14, 2004

I served these last night with bacon and eggs, for dinner.<br/>So easy to prepare. <br/>I followed the recipe as written, although I only had grated Parmesan (fresh) not shaved, but I think I would prefer the shaved to give a thicker topping of cheese. <br/>We really loved these, and even though I am not a big mushroom eater, I really enjoyed the mushroom's served this way.<br/>Thanks Jan, a really great recipe, which I will be making again.

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Tisme May 09, 2013

I had four nice big field mushrooms so scaled the recipe back for that, the only thing I did differently was to give may pan a light spray with oil and just a light spray of EVO on the mushrooms otherwise cooked as directed and the DM and I enjoyed for lunch this afternoon, I had mine with a simple side salad to round off the meal. Thank you Jan, made as a recipenap for Aussie/Kiwi Swap #45 October 2010.

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I'mPat October 19, 2010

LOVE stuffed mushrooms, TRUE! This is SO easy! YUMMY too! Used finely diced bacon pieces, added spring onion too, Also combine parm cheese with gouda...as personal taste for you know who! Agree with last reviewer could go with breakfast, lunch or tea, Best of all, they ARE so healthy! Thanks!

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mickeydownunder March 30, 2009

Russell!!! Finally I made your stuffed mushroom for tonight!! I haven't had this for ages and it was really nice! Lila LOVED your mushroom and said she can have this for breakfast,lunch and dinner! lol I mixed with chedder and parmesan cheese and came out really nice! tonight we had this with Creamy prawn with rice :) ( I just changed my mushroom sauce a little bit and added Prawns instead of mushrooms) Thanks for posting the recipe Jan!!! ;)

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tomoko matsunaga September 09, 2005

These were very nice. I added fresh basil along with some dried parsley and oregano. I agree with Latchy that the parmasen needs to be mixed with some other cheese but this is only my option because I love cheese :) I will most certainly make again. Thanks for posting.

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robik2423 February 12, 2005

Jan, these were excellent mushrooms!! I used little button mushrooms - bite size - and made a big plateful of them... what a great finger food, they were gone in a jiffy!!! These are now my husbands favourite mushrooms and, luckily for him, I had a bit of the stuffing left over so he got to have some more tonight with dinner. I had just bought a stack of fresh herbs so I did change the dried herbs to fresh, but otherwise made to the recipe.

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Fairy Nuff July 31, 2004
Stuffed Mushrooms