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Amazing recipe, every time.

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automatonempire April 05, 2009

These dolmas were a good flavour but we did not like the sauce. Next time I will serve with Balkan (thick) yogurt thinned a little with freshly squeezed lemon juice and maybe some sea salt added. I used extra lean ground beef and added in some oil so it wouldn't be overly dry. I did not add the optional pine nuts though I would have liked to I had none on hand. I used sea salt, homemade chicken broth, no dry white wine as we eat only halal plus the rest of the ingredients not including the sauce. I would make these again the same way as stated without the sauce.

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UmmBinat January 08, 2011

I am so excited to have found this recipe. It tasted exactly like the dolmadakia that we had on our honeymoon in Rhodos, Greece! I had been looking for a lamb recipe for some time and this was definitely the best one I have tried. My entire family, including 4 and 6 year old girls loved this dish. I added some fresh dill to this and omitted the pine nuts as I was all out of them. I used parsley stalks to line the bottom of the pan, instead of the additional grape leaves as I had doubled the recipe, and this worked out very well. I did not make the lemon sauce, but might try it next time. Thanks so much for a great recipe!!

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Gabriella and Abby's Mom June 04, 2010

I made these a few months back & they were a big hit. Today is my son's 16th birthday and he gets to pick the menu. This were atop the list! Absolutely delish!

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GreekGothess April 26, 2010

delicious !!! I have always loved dolmas but thought they were too difficult to make. Thank you for one of the easiest recipes I've ever made. Everyone loved them even my son-in-law who refuses to eat anything foreign. I used all lamb and omitted dill since Im not a fan. The lemon sauce was sooo delicious as well and we used the leftover lemon sauce on our eggs the next morning and had a kinda eggs benedict breakfast

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cindy w. August 27, 2009

Better than any $16 Greek restaurant entree I've ever eaten. I used all ground buffalo and changed nothing else in the recipe. My husband and 7-yr old son both wolfed them down. We didn't think we'd like the sauce - it was very thin and yellow compared to restaurant sauce, and I do not like egg yolks. But it was wonderful, I'll never eat grape leaves out again. I'd keep the sauce on low-med heat until the dolmas are ready. It will crust over, but when you whisk it back in, you'll never know. This keeps it not only hot but a bit thicker. This recipe called for only 8 oz. jar of leaves, and I had a 16 oz. jar. I don't know how to store the remainder, so I guess I need to make them again. Wonder if they freeze well? Anyway, fabulous recipe that I will repeat.

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Culigrill June 08, 2008

Beautiful! I didn't have lamb, so I used ground beef and my sweetie loved them! About 6 or 7 months ago, my sweetie told me that if I ever made him dolmas, he'd marry me! Thanks for the great recipe, I just may be on my way down the aisle!! :) 9-13-07 Follow up: These worked liked a charm, he DID marry me, LOL! We celebrate our 1st wedding anniversary next week! Thanks again :)

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xpnsve September 13, 2007

Delicious! I used all ground beef since I don't care for lamb. I used pine nuts, but felt they could have been omitted without changing the flavor. Also I used dill instead of parsley. They were simply lovely as was the wonderfully lemony sauce. Thank you for this keeper, Sy!

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Sandi (From CA) March 01, 2006

Oh my God.... I'm visiting at my Mom's house and this afternoon she said she said she had some ground lamb, so I asked if she had grape leaves and she said yes. Well, I found your recipe and had to substitute a few things. I only had 1 onion so I used a few shallots. No parsley, so out to the herb garden for some fresh mint, thyme, sage, and greek oregano. Had pinions(phew). No celery, so I used a yellow bell pepper. Got it all mixed, and Mom helped me roll them. And we waited, and waited, and waited... Then, they were done! We couldn't believe the taste! Better than at the Greek festival!! Skipper/Sy, Excellent recipe! (an extra 3 dollar tip...) djfox

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djfox fox July 17, 2004

I LOVE stuffed grape leaves . . . this is the first recipe that I've found that tasted like the ones I had in Greece. I didn't care for the egg sauce (I don't care for eggs) - but the others that I served did like it. Thanks for a great recipe.

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SmilinJenE August 29, 2003
Stuffed Grape Leaves With Egg-Lemon Sauce by Sy