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I prepared these stuffed grape leaves with mainly fresh ingredients.
As it is spring I used fresh leaves as following: wash, remove stem, place in a big bowl, pour hot water over them, wait 5 minutes, rinse with cold water and ready.
I also used fresh parsley. I cooked the peas. I had unsalted basmati rice leftovers.
I fried the onions and mushrooms, combined the ingredients with spices and I added some salt.
I had 20 minutes for stuffing the leaves (40 pieces), I placed them in my mold, prepared with leaves as suggested and I covered the stuffed grape leaves with the remaining leaves to prevent burning in the oven.
I added salted water as my leaves were not in brine and baked about 30 minutes as suggested.
I confess that I was really surprised I had to bake them in the oven, I was used to prepare the Greek one in the pot, but it worked really very well and were really delicious!

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awalde June 09, 2012
Stuffed Grape Leaves (persian)