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this was an easy recipe to make and really really good, we loved it. Very tasty

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Harry Peterson August 09, 2003

Oh this was divine! Loved it all, might even use the stuffing as a dish on its own. The sauce was a perfect topping, I simply added a squeeze of lemon as its what I love with my seafood.

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Dawnab March 18, 2012

This was fantastic! My husband beat me home from work and found this recipe. After we read all the great reviews, we knew we had to try it. Boy, am I glad we did! It was quick, easy, and used everything that already have on hand. A great, easy weeknight meal. I served with rice made with broccoli & cheddar cheese. This will definitely be made over and over again.

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Claudia Dawn March 03, 2011

All that I can say is WOW! Such a simple recipe and so delicious. I do have lots of stuffing left, but I can find use for that. The sauce is really good, delicious, in fact. Definetly will make this again. Also uses things I always have on hand - except the shrimp, I don't eat shrimp so I used more crab. From: Joyous

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2644jmh April 25, 2010

We all loved this fish dish! What a great combination of different flavors all mixed into one entree! This is company worthy and I will be making it next time I have some company coming. I can't wait for the compliments to start flying my way! The sauce was awesome!

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~ValeLovesFlorida~ February 10, 2009

This was one of my Thanksgiving dishes last year and it was it was a big hit!! My boyfriend nor his family eat beef or pork and Thanksgiving was our house this year. I'm used to preparing a very southern dinner with several pork staples. I wanted to do something different that would still go well with traditional sides. I used 3" fillets and about a cup of stuffing and I omitted the sauce for fear of it clashing with the gravy. We love spicy so used about 1 Tsp of cayenne pepper. Thanks a million.

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Ursula H. September 20, 2007

This dish was unbelievably delicious! It was also not very difficult to make. Others would be impressed if you served this dish at a dinner party (which I likely will in the near future). We ended up having more stuffing than flounder, even though I used a pound of founder fillets.... Thanks so much for posting this.

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Dr. Jenny March 31, 2007

I can not believe I forgot to review this recipe. I made it several months ago and WOW! Soooo delicious! The veloute sauce just outstanding...as was the whole dish!! I made it exactly as written. I did have quite a lot of the stuffing left over which I froze to use as a quickie mushroom stuffing. About a month ago, my husband took our neighbor fishing and brough home more flounder. He said his wife didn't like flounder and asked if we had a good recipe. HAH!!! I printed yours out for them and they had us over for dinner. These two have eaten in the best restaurants on the east coast and they were amazed at how good this was. I would encourage anyone reading this to try it. It might look like a big seafood investment, but I think you could you could probably break off a couple of those frozen crab legs in your freezer and grab a handful of frozen shrimp and make due. You could even substitute any mild white fish for the flounder. And Knorr even makes a seafood bouillon cube for the 2 tbsp. fish stock! What are you waiting for?? YUM!!!

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Jaymee June 19, 2006
Stuffed Flounder