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I forgot to write this after trying them.

They were fantastic, I did use a dash of dried dill, just a dash in the cream cheese and then I since I serve them for a party I added a light pinch of paprika just for some color. Loved them. So different and fun


Made them 2x since I last posted and making again in a few days for a Holiday get together. They are so unique, great tasting, but they become a conversation piece which is really fun.

I used my own refrigerator pickles, but I used Claussen the first time. I used the chilled ones because they are much crisper to me.

I also used a doll rod. A simple doll rod from the craft store or a home depot. I used a knife and sharpened the end a bit, but it works amazing, Just poke through. I think the wood rod was 30 cents. I did estimate how thick it should be before I got the rod and I got 3 sizes. It does vary on the pickle size. But they certainly are cheap and they work perfect. I just clean mine well in a little bleach and then in the dishwasher.

The last time I made a platter of 3 kinds and I will try to take a pic this time.
- I added smoked salmon in one, and I did use a herb cream cheese, but I did add the onion, but not the hot sauce to the one with salmon.
- The second one I used the herb cream cheese, and again added the onion and hot sauce.
- The third one, I used the herb cheese, but added diced olives, onion and hot sauce.

Everyone loved all three. I added a little dill to each one, but not much. I love the paprika sprinkled on the top, but very very light. You can barely see it, it is just a little color is all.


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SarasotaCook December 09, 2011

These caused quite a bit of conversation at our picnic - and none were leftover. I added a can of deviled ham to the cream cheese (I have always loved the pickles wrapped with cream cheese and ham) so this is the exact opposite. I used your pickle corer, and it worked great. Thanks!

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Viclynn June 17, 2010

These were delicious and actually kind of fun to make. The only thing I added is some dry barbeque rub. "Corky's". After placing the finished slices on a platter, I lightly sprinkled with the dry rub. Served to the kids when they got home from school and they were surprised at how good they are. Thank you for the delicious recipe!

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Val's Home March 27, 2009

Great recipe!! A little difficult to core without the proper tools, but the flavor was excellent. Without the pickle, this makes a great spread for crackers (tried it and loved it!!). I thought I might try topping a cracker with a thick slice of pickle and piped cream cheese mixture on top of that....less hassle with the same flavor result. Thanks a bunch!!!

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mollymustang June 26, 2007

Yummy! My husband made me a corer out of two different sized pipes, my apple corer was way to big. I used Klaussen pickles. I drained the pickles by putting paper towel in the bottom of a glass and stood the pickles up. I used dried chives in place of the onions. Filling was a little tricky, I used my fun gun. Ended up taking the tip off and then filling. I am going to use a ziplock with the corner cut off next time. Next time I am filling with a mixture of equal parts of cream cheese and canned ham, and a few green onions mixed up in the food processor.

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alynnyes April 14, 2006

What a fantastic appy recipe Uncle Bill!, I added in some fresh minced garlic and some Louisiana hot sauce into the cream cheese mixture, I actually prepared mine a day ahead and wrapped them tightly, I am glad I finally tryed this, I will make it often, they were actually the first to go, everyone just raved about them, thanks you for another great recipe Uncle Bill!..Kitten:)

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Kittencal@recipezazz December 31, 2005

Uncle Bill, I've always loved your recipes but with this one you out did yourself. These are so much fun and taste great. I really wowed our guest and they kept coming back for more. I used an apple corer I have and it worked great for coring the pickles out. Then i added a little cayenne and minced the onions fine and when finsihed sprinkled with paparika for color. This is one I'll be using often = specially when I want to impress.

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Bonnie G #2 September 23, 2012

These were great, I didn't add the hot sauce. Will be making these again next week end for a family get-to-gather. Thanks for a great recipe.

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Catnip46 September 21, 2012

These were well received at the cook out! Followed your instructions and everything went perfect. I used a chop stick. Thankx for the idea.

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readwell July 06, 2012

My sisters mother in law made something very similar to this, however, she took an un-split sandwich roll, hollowed out the middle, smeared a thick layer of cream cheese inside and stuffed it with a pickle spear. One of my very favorite snacks!

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911spatcher May 04, 2010
Stuffed Dill Pickles