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We enjoyed this chicken dish...but did think it lacked some additional flavor...the basil was the only stand out taste we got...we really aren't sure were the tomatoes came in...they really didn't fit the dish...we loved the gooey cheese mozzarella...very easy to prepare although I think my breast were on the large side because I needed to cook them a bit longer...thanks for posting it! =)

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teresas April 30, 2013

We thought this place was pretty good but there were a lot of technical problems. The pan was so hot the first side blackened, but at the same time the chicken did not quite cook all the way through and had to be reheated. Tomatoes kept rolling off the chicken. I did use the marinade from 15426 9 to give the outside a little bit of flavor.

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Michelle from Central Time May 19, 2016
Stuffed Chicken Caprese