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What a decadent confection! Equally lusty and intriguing is the recipe description -- which, honestly, hooked me! These little gems are no let down. Quite a sweet treat; the orange almond paste almost melts on your tongue once you bite through the caramel bathed walnut. I used superfine sugar with a great result. Earthy, sweet, sensually citrus scented... don't pass up the chance to try this unique treat.

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rsarahl November 23, 2003

The description does sound divine but this recipe is deceptively simple. I've ruined two batches now. All in all I would not recommend this for anyone who doesn't have experience working with caramel. There are important details missing like 1) the fact you should always use icing sugar when making marzipan 2) yes orange essence will not be enough to make this a paste and 3) getting the caramel right is not easy. I'm sure they taste wonderful but I guess I will not find out.

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cococollette July 21, 2011

These are beautiful and delicious. I had difficulty with the paste coming together and was reluctant to add more orange extract, so I just added a tiny bit of heavy cream and it came together beautifully and the taste was not affected. I toasted the walnut halves, as I prefer a toasted nut. The sugar syrup was wicked hot and I ended up with blisters on my fingers in 3 places. I also had to melt more sugar than was called for because the original amount kept cooling too quickly, making the candies difficult to dip. But anyway--these are utterly exotic and delightful and I will make them again. Thank you.

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megarachnid February 20, 2010

Simple, sexy, delicous, and sophisticated. I made these sweet little treats and altered them a bit. I made a batch of rosewater & walnuts, I also made a batch of orange essence and pistachios. Even though the recipe didn't call for edible gold dusting powder, I added it anyway and they were fabulous!!!

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nicolita111 June 29, 2009

Quick, easy, tasty, original and with a story. What more could you ask for? My boyfriend loved these and begged for more when I tested them for Xmas gifts. Needless to say, they made it onto the list. Another benefit - easy to customize. It would be very simple to vary the flavors - use a different extract, or add another. Add some cinnamon, etc. Thanks for sharing!

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Digigirl November 26, 2008

Who ever said something so little didn't have any flavor, Once you taste these you'll keep shoveling more in your mouth.This was an awesome sweet treat it went off with a bang at a party i had people loved it and kept wanting more now every time there's a party they ask me to make those.And the history behind them is so amazing in a sad kind of way but it's nice to know how and why these originated so i can tell people i make them for.This was fantastic and i will definitely make it again for years to come.The only change i made to the recipe was i added fresh orange juice to it,but it still tasted delectable.If you don't taste these you are definitely missing out.

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S.A.M February 12, 2008
Stuffed Caramel Walnuts from Cleopatra