Stuffed Bananas (Haiti, Caribbean)

Total Time
15 mins
0 mins

From *The Essential Caribbean Cookbook* edited by Heather Thomas, this dessert is untried but I found it esp appealing as it is an ingredient-friendly + make-ahead & no-cook quick-fix that takes only minutes to serve. I saw this as ideal for a light dessert finale to an otherwise heavy meal when served w/a scoop of frozen vanilla jogurt & made that a part of the recipe as a pers pref. (Time does not include chill time) *Enjoy* !

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  1. Put raisins in a sml bowl w/2 tbsp of the rum & set aside to plump.
  2. Peel bananas. Cut ea banana in half lengthwise & then in half crosswise. Place banana sections in a bowl w/the lime juice to prevent discoloration & set aside.
  3. Beat the butter & sugar together in a bowl till the mixture is smooth & creamy. Add the remaining rum & beat thoroughly. Fold the chopped cashews into the butter mixture.
  4. Carefully scoop out a cavity down the center of ea banana section about 1/2-in deep & fill it w/the nut & butter mixture. Place filled banana sections in a dish lrg enough to hold them in a single layer. Sprinkle w/the raisins & drizzle any rum not absorbed over them.
  5. Chill for at least 2-3 hrs b4 serving 2 banana sections to ea person along side a 1/4 cup scoop of vanilla yogurt.