Total Time
2hrs 5mins
Prep 1 hr
Cook 1 hr 5 mins

You'll need some crusty bread to soak up the lemony,garlicy sauce.

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  1. Trim artichoke (Starting at the bottom, grasp leaves, bending backwards and snap off) up about 1 inch up from base.
  2. Snip sharp points off remaining leaves.
  3. Use Serrated knife to take off top- giving artichoke a"flat top".
  4. Trim stem off at the bottom.
  5. After trimming, place artichokes in acidulated water.
  6. Steam artichokes with lemon juice and water (I use about 4 lemons juiced) for 20 minutes.
  7. While chokes are steaming, mix bread crumbs, cheese, basil, garlic and 1/2 cup of the olive oil.
  8. Remove'chokes from steamer, turning upside down to drain Using a towel grab choke and with"flat top" side down press down smartly on the counter to"open up" choke.
  9. Then take bread crumb mixture and stuff between the leaves.
  10. Place chokes in heavy pot,stem side down, adding about 1/2 cup of bread crumb mixture to the bottom of the pot Add 2 inches of water Pour olive oil over each choke.
  11. Cover and steam over low or bake at 325 oven for 45 minutes, until leaves come out easily.
  12. After removing chokes to serve, reduce remaining liquid slightly- the bread crumbs will make it thicken.
  13. Drizzle sauce over chokes.


Most Helpful

Yum! Very easy and tasty! This is the first time I've made stuffed artichokes on my own. I will use this recipe again and again!

hsafo November 09, 2009

This is so good! I made it exactly as written. I added 8 cloves of garlic. I can't wait till lunch so I can have the leftover one! I will defintely be making this a lot!

susie cooks June 27, 2006

This was an excellent recipe -- the artichokes were tender, and the filling was pungent and balanced. The filling adhered to the leaves after cooking so that the artichoke could still be eaten with the fingers using the leaves as a scoop. I added one large chopped tomato (drained briefly to reduce moisture) to the filling, but did not reduce the olive oil accordingly. I made a few (longer to describe than to do) changes in the preparation technique: I removed the other leaves until they snapped off "with a crack", and trimmed the tips and base as described. After the initial steaming, I opened all the artichokes by pressing directly on the top; this allowed me to open the artichokes evenly all around despite the not-always-flat tops, it also meant that I could open all the way to the center by pressing successively more directly on still-unopened center portions without adding more pressure to the already opened outer leaves. That might not matter so much if you have smaller artichokes, mine were huge. I did this quickly for all the artichokes, then ran some tepid water in the centers to stop them from continuing to steam while I was doing the stuffing and make them easier to handle. I removed the small nub of leaves from the center by grasping and pulling, leaving a few small leaves at the bottom to cover the choke and prevent the bristles from mixing with the stuffing, and then I stuffed this cavity. Instead of trying to stuff the leaves individually, I started at the outside and opened up a whole ring layer of leaves, dumped stuffing in evenly around the circle to 1/3-1/2 of the way up, and then moved inward to the next layer. Lastly, I didn't want sauce so I just poured the leftover stuffing into the bottom of the pan, and added enough water to moisten it (a couple of handfuls), instead of the two inches recommended. The amount of stuffing was exactly right for my four (unbelievably huge) artichokes, including stuffing the center cavity which was not described in the recipe.

JLEAH December 25, 2004

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