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What a wonderful addition to our holiday meal. Looked beautiful. The stuffing really made this special. I liked the slight tartness of the apples and the savoriness of the onions. Made a great combination. Thanks from the Daniel family.

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Gladys58 December 06, 2002

This was a wonderful side dish, and very pretty! The combination of raisins, apples and cheese with the squash was great. It was a lot of food for the two of us (I used one small white swan squash) so we had leftovers for ages. In one of our reheats of it, I took it out of the shell and mixed it all together, threw a little butter on top and warmed it up. I think it was even better this way because you got all the flavours mixed together. DH and I both ate more of it once it was out of the shell (though it doesn't look as nice as it did in the beginning:) Thanks for a great recipe!

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Len23 October 09, 2003

If you like apple pie, and you're crazy for squash, and you like to mix them together on your plate, and then consummate the mixture with melted cheddar, then this recipe is for you.

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cpvasil October 23, 2006
Stuffed Acorn Squash