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THIS COFFEE CAKE IS SO AWESOME!!! I wish that I could've given it a billion stars! Impera_Magna, you seriously rock! I have been in search of buying Starbuck's Crumbleberry Coffee Cake, but only a few stores sell it (in-store). So, I found the source of the cake and e-mailed them about the price etc. However, they are retiring the cake for a minimum of months!!! So, I was bummed and decided to try and recreate the heavenly delight myself...GREAT IDEA! I stumbled across this recipe and went bananas :) The cake is so awesome and so moist it should be a crime! I did have to add to the recipe to get the desired taste that I was looking for with the fruit combo. I added blueberries, blackberries and raspberries (fresh ,cut in half) to the center of the cake mixture and on top underneath the top layer of streusel. I made it yesterday and it is almost gone! I'm not sure what the other individual did wrong to the recipe to make their cake dry, but it had to be done wrong! There is NOTHING dry about this wonderful cake :) It is rich, moist, fruity (if you add it) and thick! Each addition to the cake balances out all the flavors! And, to save a little money. Instead of buying a box of graham cracker crumbs. I just bought one graham cracker pie shell...it is the exact amount crumbled up that the recipe calls for! I saved $2...every little bit helps! Again, great job! THANK YOU SO MUCH! I am actually baking another one in a day or so :) HAVE A BLESSED DAY! Ciao~

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Luvinglvpamb November 21, 2008

I requested this recipe a couple of years ago...and I've been making it ever since!! This is the most delicious, moist and tender coffee cake I've ever made and YES it does taste just like Starbuck's!! 10 STars!! Thank you for posting, sorry it took so long for me to realize I've never reviewed this fabulous recipe!

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katie in the UP July 25, 2008

Very moist coffee cake. I really liked the grahams in the streusel. I can't say whether it tastes like Starbucks or not as I only had theirs once, about 6 years ago. But this coffee cake is very good!!!

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nmj February 23, 2008

this was really good but it was a little dry...

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#1 Baker April 20, 2007

I added a rating to this recipe when it was supposed to go to the recipe for "coffee house coffee cake"(#41848 )- sorry, I don't know what happened. I haven't tried this one yet:)

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messiecessie February 01, 2006
Streusel-Crumb Coffee Cake