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Good recipe. A little bit difficult serving and putting back in the freezer, but was very easy to make and refreshing. I also recomment using more cookies/butter to make a thicker crust.

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megjo77 April 23, 2009

This recipe was in the Kraft Magazine. Our family and extended family all go on vacation together each summer. Everyone takes a night to cook and have dessert. This year I made this dessert. Oh my gosh...They went nuts over this! I felt especially proud when the bests cooks in the group were asking for the recipe. The only thing I changed (and it was totally on accident, but turned out really good) was that I put all the whipped cream in the mix. I forgot to separate it. It worked wonderful, and was easier in the long run. I didn't put the strawberries on top of the dessert, I just dressed each slice as I served it. Also one other thing I'll change for next time is use more Oreo cookies. I think the recipe I used asked for 10 cookies and I'd probably do at least 15, but that's because I like a thicker cookie crust. I made 2 loaf pans and decided to try to put the last two recipes in a 9x13 pan instead of two pans. It still turned out, but you have to make sure you let it set for about 10-15 minutes so it doesn't have that icee frozen sort of taste. Same with the loaves. Let them sit out for a little while before serving. It ends up being more creamy if you do (not melted so much). I quadrupled the recipe for 30 or so people and probably could have only doubled and been all gone. I'd probably triple next time instead. Was all good, we just snacked on for the rest of the week...

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enestvmel August 07, 2008

AWESOME!! This Kraft magazine recipe is out of this world! I made it twice for Memorial day weekend and it was gobbled down 2 days in a row!! I will be getting more strawberries and making a couple more to keep in my freezer for last-minute desserts!

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Mom2Rose June 01, 2008

This was wonderful!! I think that I goofed a bit because I used all 4 cups in the mix...duh! I whizzed it through the food processor so it was like smooth strawberry ice cream. I used fat free condensed milk and lite Cool Whip. I also used on of those throw away aluminum pans. That made it easy to get it out when it was time to serve it. I love strawberries and I love Oreo's so this was perfect! Thanks so much for posting!!

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mydesigirl May 06, 2008

This is from Kraftfoods and sounds delicious! Thanks for posting. :)

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2Bleu March 25, 2008

We absolutely loved this! I made this over a week ago and put it in the freezer out in the garage and had forgotten about it.Took it out today and it tasted fantastic.Super easy to make, requires no baking and can be made way before you need it. It will be perfect for those hot summer days. I am already planning on taking it to our 4th of July get together. Thank you for a great recipe I get to add to our keeper file.

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Lilysmom March 16, 2008
Strawberry Whipped Sensation