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I am giving this 4 stars based on the fact that it needed a little bit of work. But the final product deserves 5 for sure! I read the reviews of everyone else on here and decided to plan ahead and work with the recipe so as to avoid a flat dense pancake. I looked at a few others and these were the changes I made: I used 4 eggs, 1 cup of 2% milk (what I had on hand), and 2/3 cup flour. The rest I left the same. I did however use 2% cottage cheese since that is what I had as well. I also allowed the cake pan to get hot in the preheating oven for about 3 minutes first after reading some reviews on another recipe. Then I sprayed it down and poured in the batter. It cooked for about 12 minutes and was PERFECT! It puffed up so beautifully and the entire thing was light and fairly thick. The sauce was gritty by itself but GREAT on the pancake. And the strawberries were a nice addition. I also shaved a bit of chocolate on the top and a dollop of fat free whip cream to top it off. It was almost too pretty to eat! I wanted to add that it is important not to open the oven until the time is up or you run the risk of it deflating.

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CulinaryExplorer January 20, 2008

The orange cream filling might be better with orange juice as opposed to the concentrate. I thought it tasted a little artificial with the concentrate. The pancake was not what I was expecting. I thought it would be more dry and puffy like a cream puff or a german pancake. It was very thick and eggy. One reviewer called it a thick crepe, that seems more accurate.

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klincko July 04, 2010

This is a beautiful dish. It puffs up on the edges, leaving a lovely bowl for the filling and fruit. I followed CulinaryExplorer's tips and it turned out quite nice. The texture is not like a pancake, almost more of a bread pudding - it very good and not too sweet. My husband added honey over his at the table to sweeten it up, but I didn't need it. I diced the stawberries finely and added a sprinkle of mini chocolate chips to the top. Thanks for posting this simple, yet elegant recipe.

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Recipe Reader May 08, 2010

This was almost 5 stars for me. The orange cream filling was inspired and delicious and will find a home in many dishes to come. So simple and obvious and a perfect complement to berries, in my case I did a mix of strawberries, raspberries and blackberries. Having read the prior reviews on the pancake, I decided to experiment and whip the egg white separately and folding it in the pancake batter. This extra step seemed to have made no difference as my result was a pancake with just a slight rise on the edges. For the most part it was like a very thick crepe. While it was tasty, it was a bit heavy. Wondering if a small amount of baking powder is in order. Nonetheless, brunch was delicious and this will certainly be repeated here.

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justcallmetoni September 23, 2007

This recipe for me was a mix of great and so so. I loved the orange topping with the strawberries. However I didn't care for the pancake flavor. I will make the topping mixture again with my german pancake recipe. I also made the pancake in a glass 8x8 baking dish baked for 20 min. Update: I combined the orange mixture with blueberries and it was really good as well!

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Hill Family August 10, 2007

As the other reviewers indicated, this pancake puffs only slighlty, and mine deflated moments after removal from the oven. I did love the sauce, however, & will try that on other things in the future. In honor of Independence Day, I used blueberries & sliced strawberries & it made an attractive presentation.

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Judy from Hawaii July 04, 2005

This was wonderful!!!! What a decadent brunch! Mine puffed up around the edges and only slightly in the center....it was perfect!!! Thank you for a wonderful recipe!

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NcMysteryShopper June 15, 2005

Yum! We really enjoyed this! I made the full version in a glass pie plate. It was beautiful! Mine had a sunken middle and puffy sides. I don't know if the middle was suppose to be lower - but it was a perfect bowl for the cottage cheese layer and strawberries.

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Trisha W May 20, 2005

This didn't puff up quite like I expected but it was pretty and tasted good. I cut the recipe in half and cooked it in my 6 inch cast iron skillet. While the oven heated, I put about 1 teaspoon butter in the skillet before placing in the oven to warm. Warming the skillet first makes a very nice brown crust. Prepared the mixture as instructed and topped it off with a mixture of fresh strawberries and a few blueberries which were dusted lightly with about 2 teaspoons powdered sugar. This dish is attractive and has a nice orange flavor. Thanks!

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PaulaG May 18, 2005
Strawberry-Topped Puffy Pancake With Creamy Orange Filling