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Completely amazing! I saw the same show and had to make it. I've made it twice, actually I did one big tart because I don't have individual tart pans. The crust didn't turn out fabulous for me... but I'm a very unreliable maker of crusts anyway. The second time I made it, I just used refrigerated crust (the kind you roll out) and it worked very well. Besides, the custard is what makes this so fabulous. It's actually quite simple to make, but does require patience while waiting for it to thicken up. I've used a variety of fresh fruit as the topping and the custard can be used for all sorts of stuff- filling between cake layers is one thing I am thinking of. I also think I may use the crust in mini muffin pans, which I do have, to make mini tarts. Sure to impress anyone you serve it to. Easy and elegant and I can't recommend it enough! Thanks so much for posting it for us. edit to add...I've also used reduced fat milk and omitted the cream and butter at the end. Also skipped the jam glaze and nuts... to try and feel less guilty about eating half the thing myself. It's not as rich obviously, but still very delicious. I also used regular brandy rather than cognac because that's what I have on hand. I've never left it out altogether though because it does add an incredible depth of flavor.

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little_wing May 15, 2009
Strawberry Tarts