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One word.... YUM! A perfect blend. We used all frozen strawberries as fresh ones are not in season right now, Cool Whip for the whipped topping, and when we ran out of rum after the 1st batch, we used a blending of Amaretto and Grand Marnier and it was even better! The graham cracker crumb topping makes this a hit! Thanks for posting an awesome dessert cocktail. :)

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2Bleu December 18, 2008

Fantastic liquid dessert!

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rosslare February 03, 2013

We really enjoyed this drink, but kept thinking it needed a little something extra to give it some zing. I cut it down to one serving and still had enough for almost two full drinks. I tried adding a little more rum and lime to what was left for the second glass, the extra rum was good but the lime took it in the wrong direction, maybe some chambord??? We used all frozen strawberries which was good as it was just barely cold enough by half way through the drink. The graham cracker crumbs are a perfect touch, they really complimented the flavor of the drink. I did cut the sugar by 1 Tbls, and the sweetness level was just right. The whipped cream is unusual, I'm not sure if I liked the lemon with the strawberry, it's barely sweet, so I would probably make it a little sweeter the next time, though the leftovers turned out to be perfect for a piece of blueberry pie we had for dessert. We'll be making this again, thanks Boomette for another lovely drink.

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momaphet August 24, 2010

Boomie, this drink is refreshing! I love the taste of the dark rum; it gives a depth of flavor to the drink. I used fresh strawberries, as they are in season, and I added ice. I also used pineapple juice, as that is what I had on hand. Thank you for a wonderful drink recipe.

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alligirl May 02, 2009

This was delicious. I knew I'd like it because it's very similar to my favorite Single Strawberry Daiquiri. But this one is a bit sweeter and less tart. I scaled it for 1 serving and thought 2 oz of rum would be too strong, but it was good - all the sweetness of the sugar, strawberries, and apple juice really mellowed it. Great drink! Like 2Bleu, I only used frozen berries.

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appleydapply February 08, 2009
Strawberry Shortcake Cocktail