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PanNan, this recipe was so much fun to make! Your directions were simple to follow and I had excellent results! From the shortcake to the whipped cream, every bite was a taste treat! This shortacke has a nice sweetness to it that other shortcakes seem to miss. The strawberry filling w/ the added vanilla extract was sensational! The whipping cream with the added, not only confectioner's sugar, but also sour cream was incredible! This is a dessert that would definitely be considered "Company Worthy" in my book! Thank you so much PanNan, for bringing this wonderful recipe to Zaar!

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Bev March 28, 2003

This recipe is a winner! I only changed the method of preparation, not the ingredients. I put all the dry ingredients directly into my sifter, and sifted them once into the bowl to make the shortcakes lighter. I cut in the cold butter with a pastry blender (didn't want to drag out the heavy mixer) until the mixture resembled coarse meal. Then I added the milk and mixed the dough with a butter knife (this keeps you from over handling the dough). I followed the filling part of the recipe exactly and added canned whipped topping instead of the whipped cream in the recipe. They turned out delicious!

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usknights February 28, 2012

This recipe was amazing. I don't use sour cream, so I substituted plain Greek yogurt in the whipped cream. I will be making this for guests. Thank you so much for sharing!

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mochelli July 28, 2015

I made this for my husband's birthday and he loved it as did the rest of the family. I will use this for my shortcakes from now on. I will confess that I did not add the granulated sugar to the whipped cream topping mixture, only the confectioners 1/4 cup. Just enough sweet for us. <br/>Also, I do believe that the cooking temp was too high and too long for my oven. I watched closely and pulled the shortcakes out at 13 minutes. All ovens differ so I think I'll go with 400 degrees for 10-12 minutes the next time. Excellent desert for my recipe box! Thank you.

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miswisk May 23, 2014

This is a great dessert that needs a couple of modifications to make it the best.<br/><br/>I'll say right off the bat that the cooking time or temperature is too high. I cooked ours 15 minutes then checked it and the shortcake was already overdone... dark/slightly burned on the bottom and just a little too dark on the top. But I sliced off the very bottom and it was still a great dessert.<br/><br/>This is what I would do to improve it...<br/>1) Make smaller cakes (I would make about 9 cakes out of the recipe as written).<br/>2) Make more berry mixture. I would use about 50% more berries and adjust the recipe accordingly (we ran out of berries... better too much than not enough).<br/>3) Bake on 390 degrees F, check at 13 minutes and add a little time if necessary.<br/>4) The sugar (both powder and granulated sugar) can easily be cut in half in the whipped cream mixture and it is still PLENTY SWEET!<br/><br/>Great recipe, thanks!

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Chef TanyaW May 12, 2014

Best shortcake I ever had. Instead of a food processor, I mixed all of the dry ingredients and then grated a stick of butter into the mixture. I tossed it into the flour and then added the milk. I used raw sugar on top and was way more liberal with it than the recipe called for. Leftover shortcakes are good for breakfast the next morning with a little jam. Yum!

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Leighmcl July 20, 2013

I loved this, although I didn't use the whipped topping mixture because I have canned whipped cream to use up. The strawberries were good, but the biscuits were the amazing part! I doubled the sugar in the biscuits and added a teaspoon of vanilla extract. Man, I could eat them with just butter slathered on them for breakfast even if I didn't have any fruit!

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TessaKib June 03, 2013

These were awesome shortcakes! The only changes I made were to sub Greek yogurt for the sour cream and to use a little extra vanilla in the cakes and the whipped cream. I also cut the calories somewhat by subbing Splenda for all the granulated sugar. Keep an eye on these in the oven after 10 minutes; the bottoms brown much faster than the tops. I also thought this was a huge portion of shortcake. I also prefer my shortcake almost soggy with sauce so next time I will make 12 smaller cakes and more filling/ whipped cream. I also think subbing a strawberry balsamic reduction for the filling would be amazing.

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I<3butter! June 29, 2010

This has great taste, but I think the cooking time is off. I baked my cakes at 450 for 15 mins and the edges were too dark for my taste. Will be making this again, but will bake a little less or turn down the oven.

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ransomhouse June 15, 2010

OMG. Amazing. All the reviews are correct, esp about the temp & sugar. Reduce the oven temp, 15 min at 400F. Reduce the sugar in the whipped topping down by 50% - still super sweet. Delicious. (Oh, and a shortcut: melt the butter, then pour it quickly in a drizzle into the mixed up dry ingredients, and stir quickly, to approximate the little balls of cold butter with dough. It beads up in the dry mix.) Definite Winner.

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Doc Mom April 08, 2016
Strawberry Shortcake a la Treebeard's