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This is almost identical to my absolute FAVORITE pie in the world, with just a few changes. First, I use about half a tub of Cool Whip instead of the whipped cream, and then I split the custard between TWO pie crusts (this gives me a better cream/berry ratio). Also, I prefer to use Jello for my glaze, as I don't like that jam taste either, although I have made it that way as well. (for Jello-flavored glaze: mix 1 3-oz pkg strawberry Jello, 2 Tbsp cornstarch, 2 cups water; bring to boil while stirring). Thanks for posting!

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AZ Meg July 05, 2008

I would like to add a thought after making the pies recently (again). I took an idea from another strawberry/cream pie and spread a layer of toasted sliced almonds onto the bottom of the baked crust before adding the filling. It totally prevents any hint of sogginess in the crust and gives a nice crunch and flavor charge. Also, I'd agree with another reviewer that it is enough filling for two shells for the higher ratio of berries to cream filling. If one is subconsciously expecting 'strawberry pie ala Big Boy restaurant' this would seem very pudding-like and that adjustment would be less surprising. I used this same basic recipe and substituted a lightly-cooked, spiced, fresh peach topping/glaze. Absolutely wonderful pie that my skeptical son 'hogged' down after the initial raised eyebrows when I told him how the pies were made.

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michmilk_11130536 July 17, 2012

This didn't turn out to well for me and was not what I expected at all. I have to agree with a previous reviewer and say ti really was not very pie like.

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Dying2Live July 25, 2008

This pie seemed more like having strawberries with vanilla custard and strawberry jam on top. Sorry CoffeeMom but this recipe really did not do it for us. Had it been more of a pie rather than custard with strawberries, we would have liked it. Maybe it was just a different kind of pie that we're not used to? Sorry about the low rating CoffeeMom.

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K's April 26, 2007

Fixed while company was over and it was huge hit. Had to print the recipe for them! I had trouble getting the bottom layer to not be lumpy, but didn't seem to matter once the pie was all put together. I did not use the red food coloring and it was very red without it.

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cherir October 23, 2006

This turned out pie-shop perfect! Everyone loved it. I'm looking for a local pie baking contest so that I can enter this one in it.

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Marie Nixon May 29, 2006
Strawberry Satin Pie