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My rhubarb-loving husband really liked this and said it had the perfect sweet/tart ratio. I had a few problems with the recipe: since I'm unable to buy frozen rhubarb around here, I used my own that I froze earlier this summer. I wasn't sure if I should weigh out 16 oz. or measure 2 cups. I ended up measuring 2 cups, but the fruity layer didn't seem very thick, so possibly a 16 oz. bag holds more than 2 cups. ??? Also, the batter mixture was so thick and dense that I needed to add another 1/4 cup milk to make it spoonable. Next time I'd add more rhubarb. MERP'd for Bargain Basement tag game.

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DuChick July 26, 2009
Strawberry Rhubarb Puff