Strawberry-Rhubarb Angel Food Cake

Total Time
1hr 45mins
Prep 1 hr
Cook 45 mins

Recipe from the KLS-TV Cooking Show. While rhubarb is in season is a great time to try this wonderful dessert. It has a delightful strawberry-rhubarb filling and is crowned with whipped cream. This recipe heralds spring.

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  1. Combine rhubarb and the juice of one orange (juice should equal at least 1/4 cup liquid- if additional liquid is needed, add water to make 1/4 cup).
  2. Add 1/2 cup sugar, cover and cook over medium heat until rhubarb is tender.
  3. Set aside 1/2 cup sliced strawberries.
  4. Stir remaining strawberries into rhubarb mixture.
  5. Stir in a few drops red food color for eye appeal.
  6. Cool.
  7. Mixture will begin to thicken slightly.
  8. Slice cake horizontally to make 3 layers.
  9. Spoon 1/2 the filling on bottom cake layer.
  10. Add second layer cake and spoon on remaining filling.
  11. Place top layer on cake.
  12. Chill cream well, whip until stiff.
  13. Set aside.
  14. Beat together ricotta cheese, 4 tablespoons sugar, and the grated peel of one orange.
  15. Beat until fluffy.
  16. Fold whipped cream into whipped ricotta cheese.
  17. Frost the sides and top of cake with whip cream mixture.
  18. Garnish with remaining strawberry slices and mint leaves.
  19. Refrigerate until ready to serve.
  20. Cake is best if served same day.
Most Helpful

it looks good, but i don't like rhubarb. how much red food coloring and why add that?

redheadwonder December 15, 2009

I made this because I was looking for something that would 'herald spring'. This sure does! We loved it. It was decadent and still light in weight and flavour and not so sweet. I used a ready made angel cake which was a little on the small side and so I had a lot of whipped cream and ricotta mix left over. I was very generous with slathering each cake layer with the rhubarb strawberry mix. The cake made a delightful presentation, but cutting into and serving it was an event, with everything kind of running all over the place. There were 4 of us and I served the cake in 4 pieces. Omitted food colouring and mint leaves. I'd make this again, it's not hard to prepare and very rewarding to eat!

woodland hues June 10, 2006