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This is a favorite of ours! Because I am allergic to strawberries, I substitute frozen raspberries and raspberry gelatin with no compromise in flavor. Thank you for sharing!

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Aunt Willie May 29, 2002

Many years ago in college, a fellow student brought in this dessert for one of our assignments. Hers used raspberry jello and frozen raspberries. I was so hesitant to try it (due to the pretzel factor), but once I did, I couldn't get enough. Though she handed out the recipe, I lost it over the years. I have made this twice now in the past month to accolades both times. I don't remember the original recipe I had using sugar in the crust, but it really adds something special. After cooking, the sugar/butter seem to caramelize. You need to make sure to grease the dish before putting the pretzel crust in, as mine stuck both times. The first time, my 9x13" pan wasn't clean, so I put it into two 8x8" dishes. This worked just as well. Next time, I am thinking about trying it with orange jello and a can of sliced mandarin oranges. Thank you!

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Leilani January 05, 2009

Fantastic! I crunched the pretzels by hand, so they were in pieces about a half inch long. I cut my strawberries into chunks and stirred them in. The jello began to set quickly with the addition of frozen strawberries. To avoid a soggy crust, just be sure the creamy layer reaches all edges of the pan and don't pour in the strawberry and jello layer until its beginning to set. I cut my strawberries and put th in jello as I cut th, and halfway through the cutting, it began to set. So I worked a little faster then :). It was set enough that it wouldn't seep anywhere. Made it 4 hours in advance and the crust was perfect still. Didn't start to lose its crunch until day 3. I had several people say "this is just like mom used to make!"

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Mark & Stacy August 01, 2013

This recipe is a favorite of mine however, I used fresh, sliced strawberries instead of frozen. Also, to keep the crust from getting soggy I made sure to completely cover the pretzels with the crème cheese mixture and then place the pan in the fridge for about 15 minutes before adding the gelatin topping. Has turned out perfect every time!

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LuLu's_cookin' August 29, 2013

Fantastic recipe! I made this for the 4th of July picnic and it was a huge hit. I'm sure I'll be making it again soon! :)

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Chef Chelle in PA August 07, 2009

I didn't make this particular recipe but the same recipe was in a cookbook from a company I worked for. It was the hit of the party. I don't like strawberries (or any type of berries for that matter) so I didn't eat any of it, but everyone that did just raved about it, even my husband. Take this to a party or serve your guests at home and everyone will love you!

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Rosemary Chapman June 10, 2002

Absolutely Delish! Make this at thanksgiving and always the first to be gone! Easy as pie to make!

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labatte_10641591 November 26, 2014

I just made this for our office luncheon today. I had people hunting me down to tell me how much they loved it and ask for the recipe. They couldn't stop raving about it, even hours later! It was like it got inhaled...puff, all gone! The only thing I changed was to use unsalted butter (because of all the comments about how salty it was). Thank you for sharing! Update (Aug2014) - They've requested this for our casserole party next week : ) Thank you again!

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marisk August 17, 2014

Awesome salad! Very diverse, can be eaten as salad or dessert. Thanks for sharing. This salad never lasts long around my house or at potlucks.

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Capncrunch August 04, 2014

I LOVE this recipe! (as does my husband, children and any and all friends for whom I have made it). It is great as is and you really don't need to change a thing. In fact, when going to a gathering, I make it as is. However, I *try* to keep things a bit more natural in our home...if I am making it for just us, I use the following:<br/><br/>In place of cool-whip (or whipped topping), I make my own whip cream with real whipping cream adding a little (perhaps 3-4 tbl) sugar.<br/><br/>In place of Jello or strawberry flavored gelatin, I make gelatin with Knox and juice (usually a berry type)<br/><br/>And I use gluten free pretzels for the crust. <br/><br/>My husband likes the middle part to a be a bit thicker, so I use 12 oz cream cheese mixed with the whipping cream instead of the 8. <br/><br/>Again, the recipe is a 5 star as is...this is just what I do to keep out the preservatives!

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inshape April 28, 2014
Strawberry Pretzel Salad