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2 Stars These muffins smelled so yummy while baking & they baked up in the exact time stated. When we ate them warm they were okay tasting. I do not think the plain sugar on top added anything to the recipe. And even with that sugar we did not feel the muffins had enough sweetness to them. I would recommend dicing the strawberries because the sliced ones (I got about 4 slices out of each berry) created big gooey areas within the muffin. After cooling, the tops were rock hard & the insides were too dry, except for the strawberries which were still gooey. I followed the recipe exactly, down to using the blood orange, whole wheat flour & the almond extract option. I’m afraid we will not be making these again. Made & reviewed for RSC#11, January 2008.

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**Tinkerbell** February 22, 2008

I had to do these as Blueberry Passion Muffins and they were magnif !! I served them warm for breakfast and everyone was passionate about them, moist enough not to need butter. I used apple juice instead of blood orange juice. Will do the strawberry version next weekend !

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katew October 09, 2011

After reading the other reviews I decided to follow ingredients & directions to the letter, but omitted the optional sugar on top! Well, actually I seldom sift anything anymore, but I did whisk the dry ingredients thoroughly! And, I found the resulting muffins to be OUTSTANDING! [NOTE: I sometimes think it would be great to make a recipe like this, but using those very small, wild strawberries (whole) that have so much flavor!] Anyway, thanks for sharing YOUR recipe! [Made & reviewed as a kidnapped recipe for the Aus/NZ Recipe Swap #16]

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Sydney Mike May 23, 2008

5 stars! Super recipe! I doubled it! Kitchen smelled like whole wheat bread baking. I had fresh frozen sliced strawberries from Canada, this made 26 count, small medium & large.sed orange juice and almond extract. Used more orange juice. I saved a step and melted the margarine and added all the wet ingredients together.I added the marinated strawberries into the wet ingredients and did not fold in. If they had been fresh I would have folded in. I did not coat the tops with sugar. Personal preference. I added the sugar and margarine in the ingredients. When cool sprinkled with powdered sugar. I did not use papers, sprayed the cups with Pam. The flavors are very distintive when the muffins are warm. I like them warm or cold. Healthy ingredients and VERY FILLING! tHIS RECIPE IS NOT REALLY SWEET THAT THAT IS WHAT I LIKE ABOUT IT, AMOUNG OTHER AREAS. YOU HAVE A WINNER OF A RECIPE! THANKS!

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Montana Heart Song April 15, 2008

These were quite good - the nutmeg flavor really comes through and enhances the strawberries. I found these to stay quite moist, as well. I made them in to mini-muffins, and they were done in 18 minutes. After marinating the strawberries, I added the rest of the wet ingredients without removing the strawberries first, then folded in the sifted dry ingredients. DS-4 gave these a nice endorsement, picking his apart to eat the "melted strawberries". :) Thanks!

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Gatorbek April 14, 2008

4 stars. These are great, moist muffins. I loved the bits of strawberries, which is a refreshing different fruit to add to muffins. Although the batter was light pink, the muffins baked to be fairly neutral in colour. I found I could really taste the nutmeg when the muffins were straight out of the oven, and lesser so a day later. Both tasted great either way. Reviewed for RSC #11.

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LUv 2 BaKE February 23, 2008
Strawberry Passion Muffins