Strawberry Orange Sunrise

Total Time
Prep 5 mins
Cook 0 mins

Another version of my sunrise smoothie. Hopefully this one will be as popular.


  1. Blend all till smooth.
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5 5

it was very good! my whole family loved them!

4 5

After trying several of these smoothies with oatmeal I now use the blender to make the oatmeal into tiny bits first .. I find that that way I get the nutrition of the oatmeal but also keep a texture to the smoothy they way that I like. Easy to make and delicious, please see my Rating System: 4 excellent stars for a healthy start to the day. Thanks!

5 5

Having used oatmeal in smoothies before, I was pretty sure this would be a winner, & in my book it is! I doubled it for 2 of us & didn't use a frozen banana since there was plenty of frost-making in the frozen berries! You have A GREAT TASTING SMOOTHIE HERE! [Tagged, made & reviewed in Every Day Is a Holiday!]