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Ooooooh yeah, so tasty! My ice cream maker died (I tested it just before putting this in, motor sounds but no turning), so I just put it in the freezer. I should have put it in a pan (see Funandsweet623 review) because it took FOREVER to freeze/set in a tall cylinder. I used frozen strawberries to cool the simple syrup so this was pretty cold when I put it in the freezer. It needed about 4 hours in the freezer before I could call it a sorbet with a straight face. I used 6 Tbs lime juice and HALF the alcohol (3 Tbs tequila and 2 Tbs triple sec) because I put this in a pretzel crust (Ww 5 Points - Margarita Pie) and served it to family including children.

The smell was perfect for a strawberry margarita, with the lime and tequila fragrance! The taste sent us all back for more (no pie leftovers) ... and I'm glad there was more than would fit in a pie shell because I just snuck to the freezer for another cool, refreshing "sample"! Yum.

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nethope November 26, 2010

I got this exact recipe from Ladies Home Journal about 5 years ago. It is so yummy. But you don't have to use an ice cream maker (I didn't have one) you can freeze it in a pan and just stir it ever hour until it is done.

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Funandsweet623 March 11, 2009
Strawberry Margarita Sorbet