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Great! I'm a huge fan of PanNan's Homemade Sausage Kolaches and make them often, but was looking for a good sweet kolache dough. Definitely found it with this recipe! Made the dough in the breadmaker using light organic sour cream and butter. This dough is very wet and I would have been tempted to add additional flour but was glad I didn't. Refrigerating the dough overnight and forming while chilled makes it easy to work with and roll into golf ball-size balls. Baked, these are light, tender, buttery, and very flavorful. I am thrilled to find this recipe, and like the sausage version, will make them again and again. I haven't make sweet kolaches since I was a kid, but decided to go on this quest after tasting some horrible half-rate kolaches from Kolache Factory. Made a half recipe of the strawberry topping using light cream cheese. Refrigerating overnight does make the mixture pink and watery. Half a recipe was enough to fill 24 kolaches. Next time I would dice the strawberries, my slices ended up a bit too big. We loved the flavor of the filling, very different and quite tasty. I might try using the filling without refrigerating next time. The kids have been heating these up for breakfast and loving them all week, they store well in the fridge or freezer. While I had planned to make a variety of pie fillings or traditional kolache fillings, I slacked and filled the remaining kolaches with a variety of jams that were in my fridge: pineapple preserves, Christmas jam (strawberry/cranberry), caramel pear butter, and pear honey. The assorted flavors were also very good. Thanks for sharing the recipe, Nan, I'll be making these often!

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LonghornMama January 23, 2010

I had such high hopes and they just turned out to be a colossal waste of time and ingredients. The dough was hard to work with and relatively flavorless. The strawberry filling was oddly sweet and pepto pink. These were just not my cup of tea. Bummer.

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spottie scott June 05, 2008

These kolaches were really good! I made the first dozen just as directed (yummy!), for the second dozen I used strawberry preserves for the filling because my daughter doesn't like cream cheese (also good!) and for the third dozen I used apricot preserves. I loved the original version, but it was fun to add a little variety!

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loof October 28, 2007

There is a reason this won Best in Show... it's outstanding. The kolache dough melts in your mouth with a softer sweetness while the strawberry and cream cheese rounds it out. Tip: Use full-fat cream cheese. (As with most great Texas recipes... ;) Low/non fat will turn to liquid in the baking process.

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AKillian24 July 03, 2005
Strawberry Kolaches