Total Time
Prep 20 mins
Cook 40 mins

Ingredients Nutrition


  1. Cream together the butter,sugar and eggs.
  2. Sift together all dry ingredients.
  3. Add to mixture,and stir until smooth.
  4. Add coffee,buttermilk and jam and mix well.
  5. Bake at 350 for 40 minutes.


Most Helpful

The cake was perfect, mouist. We substituted plum jam for strawberry jam. And on the top of the cake we spread vanilla icing. I baked it about 45 minutes. Thank you for the recipe.

Vera Hammond April 11, 2003

This is an "award winning cake"! I made it this evening(we have 3 birthdays' in the family tomorrow and everyone's decided to come over and celebrate with us and I wanted to make 3 cakes for sure!). Now these are people who love jam cakes and I picked this cake for one of them. I did substitute the butter with margarine and the strawberry jam with mixed fruit jam. This cake took 1 hour 40 minutes to bake in my AMC Dutch Oven. I'll be making another one tomorrow, but since its festival time(birthdays for us are equivalent to festivals!)here, I thought to give this a shot today. This is soooo nice, I swear it tastes like it came from the best bakery in town! This cake smells awesome once out of the cake tin(this comes from my mom!.I would recommend this recipe to everyone. Thank you so much for posting this recipe. Your the greatest!

Charishma_Ramchandani March 03, 2003

This cake is really astounding... I was kind of unsure when making it, and kind of unsure when pulling it out of the oven and kind of unsure when setting it out to cool. But now I've iced it (with KITTENCAL's Really Easy and Good Buttercream Icing (#80118)) and its so tasty! It's like part spice cake part fruit cake... a really unusual flavor combination. I used about 2/3c strawberry preserves and about 1/3c blueberry jam because I ran out of preserves. I think I should have used stronger coffee, but it still added a bit of dark flavor to the cake. I reduced the spices a little- I did use the full 2 tsp cinnamon, but used only about 1/2-3/4 tsp cloves and only a sprinkle of nutmeg (I have learned that being liberal with nutmeg can ruin a dish, so now I am very cautious when using it) and added a sprinkle of allspice. Very moist with a nice crumb. The recipe says it makes "One cake" and specifies nowhere what size pans to use- I went ahead and made it in 2 8" round pans, but they did turn out rather flat. I came across this recipe to use up some jam (BF likes a tart jam, so we often end up with jars he half-heartedly half-finishes because he feels they're too sweet) and I'm glad I did. Really intreguing flavors and very moist. My cakes baked in about 20 minutes. I have had a hard time deciding what to rate this recipe, but I have, although my cakes are delicious, decided on 4 stars. This is for 2 reasons, really: One, the recipe does not state the pan size to be used and two, I think that if one actually used 1 tsp of nutmeg in the cake it would be terrible. It is a delicous cake and smells and tastes wonderful- thanks for posting.

Roosie June 26, 2004

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