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Delicious straight out of the freezer as soft-serve. I'd add a word of caution though, this recipe is for a 2-quart freezer, not the more common 1.5-quart size. This just meant that I had to eat a few extra strawberries drenched in sweet cream and vanilla. It was tough, but I made it through. My Cuisinart ice cream freezer didn't deal weal with the chunks, so I hit it with a hand blender until the strawberry goodness turned the entire mix a delicious pink.

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Ian B June 06, 2010

I was uncomfortable with the raw eggs in this recipe, as I was going to be serving it at my 2 year old's birthday party. I followed the recipe, but after beating the eggs, sugar and adding the milk, I heated the mixture to boiling over low heat. I then added the vanilla, and cooled the mixture in the refrigerator. After cooling, I added the strawberries and cream, then placed in my ice cream maker. The texture and flavor were great, even after freezing overnight. This tastes like Bryer's strawberry ice cream. Delicious!

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oliviajison June 07, 2010

This ice cream is amazing! I always make sure to puree the strawberries because once you put the finished ice cream into the freezer then the strawberries turn into ice chunks if left too big. I mix in crumbled up home made graham cracker crust into this and it's awesome!

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munkiechow June 01, 2010

I made a double batch. Oops. Well, I say oops not because I regretted for even a second having more of this dreamy iced treat around but only because it didn't fit in my machine. I had to make it in 2 batches. I made this exactly as written except that I used frozen whole berrieis (1 lb for the total recipe) and skim milk for the milk part. Instead of cutting up the berries I put the whole berries with the sugar and lemon in the fridge overnight and then mashed them with a masher before putting them into the mix. I won't change a thing next time I make this....and I will make it again!

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jennyblender September 23, 2007

This recipe was fantastic and very easy! The entire family loved it. I made a few changes with a great result. First I used Splenda instead of sugar and frozen strawberries as they are out of season right now. I mixed the milk, sugar and eggs and cooked to just about boiled (160 degrees) and set in the fridge to cool. Then I mixed all ingredients as directed. I made a double batch to get 4 qts. I can't wait to make it again!!

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beaniemom January 02, 2012

I have a tabletop ice cream machine. I have recipe books. Most importantly I have THIS recipe. Everyone loves this and it's easy to adapt using other fruits. Like others have stated, leaving chunks of strawberries means you get strawberry ice blocks so I give the strawberries a quick swirl in the blender first, a light puree. I also substitute the lemon for Cointreau or Gran Marnier. If you only make one ice cream recipe, this is the one.

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dovemck August 22, 2013

This was a little disappointing! I followed the instructions perfectly, had great sweet strawberries and it was still a little tasteless. There was a little too much (1cup) of matter for my cuisinart ice cream maker so I am glad that I scooped some out or I would have had a huge mess.<br/>The strawberries really froze up, it was very creamy but the taste was bland. I won't use this again for strawberry icecream.

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Kaiwiki April 27, 2013

Awesome!!! Best recipe I have found. Even tried the Martha Stewart recipe and this one is better by a landslide.

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dinoberry12_6112935 August 17, 2012

I used this recipe for my very first foray into ice cream making. It was DELICIOUS. I originally used whole frozen strawberries... I won't be doing that again! For the second batch I used double the strawberries, chopping some and pureeing others, which resulted in the familiar pink-tinged strawberry-flavor-rich ice cream of my kidhood. Thanks so much for the recipe! It's now a summer standby. I can't wait 'til strawberry season!

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iheartapples March 27, 2012

i make htis recipice and the strwberry flavor was really good i blend the whipped cream and half and half together in a blender with strawberry and put everything in the ice cream maker the ice cream was really pink and in the end i added small piece of fresh strwberry it was out of my expectation i love it.

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lamia26 October 16, 2010
Strawberry Ice Cream Like Ben and Jerry's