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YUMMY!! This was my first foray into making jam, and I'm happy to say that the results were delicious! The landlord dropped off a colander full of fresh-picked berries from his garden yesterday afternoon, so I thought this would be a perfect use for some of them. I"m not sure I bought the right pectin (the only non-liquid pectin I found at the store was the dry no-cook pectin for freezer jam), but my jam seemed to set up okay. I didn't boil the pectin/sugar mixture after I added it to the hot fruit, though, because I was afraid that it wouldn't set (the package said that you just add it to the fruit without cooking it). It was a little soft after two hours, but it definitely wasn't runny or anything. The flavor was awesome, anyhow, so I would've just used it as an ice cream topping if it hadn't set up. I knew that I'd like the strawberry and guava together, but I really enjoyed the lime flavor in this as well. I ended up with 3 little 8oz jars out of this recipe (maybe I'll give one to the landlord as a thank you for the strawberries from his garden). So glad I tried this! Thanks for posting! Made for ZWT5

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Muffin Goddess June 14, 2009
Strawberry Guava Jam