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Sorry I can't give a better rating, but these were just way too sweet for us. I think that, whereas in other jam squares the brown sugar and jam add sweetness to oats, the granola is already sweet and pushes the bars over the edge. I did like the added crunchiness, however and they were super easy to make. Thanks!

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chiclet March 29, 2008

I love strawberries and when I was looking for a dessert I found this one. For this I made my own quick strawberry jam fresh on the stove and I used Aurora Natural Vanilla Crunch Granola. I also multiplied this recipe by 2.5 and made them on a cookie sheet. (made 35 squares, go big or go home!) I LOVE them! I highly recommend making your own quick strawberry puree/jam, the flavor is amazing!

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Miss Karyn May 13, 2010

Pretty good! I used oatmeal cookie granola recipe from this site & whole wheat flour. I also used Splenda brown sugar. I cut the recipe in half & used half red fat marg & half applesauce. I used sugar free strawberry preserves, but had a problem in baking b/c the jam bubbled into the crust underneath, maing the bars kind of hard to cut & stay together! So next time I'll cut the jam amount in half & keep a 1/2 inch edge clear. Hopefully that will solve that problem b/c they did taste quite good!

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LUVMY2BOYS March 03, 2007

These little babies are truly delicious!! I made this recipe using Cinnamon Walnut Granola and I removed the dates that I had added to the granola (I left the dried blueberries in for the bars). I used Red Raspberry jam for the filling and added about 1/4 tsp more cinnamon to the mix. I have to confess that I can not stop eating these!!: ) These bars are SO Good!! Thanks so much for sharing this recipe, Looneytunesfan!

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Bev March 02, 2007
Strawberry Granola Squares