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I made this recipe yesterday to take to an Intalian themed birthday dinner party. It is delicious but has too much vanilla. The recipe calls for 2 TABLESPOONS of vanilla and I believeit should be 2 TEASPOONS. So I made a second batch without any vanilla and mixed it with the first. Still a bit too strong of vanilla but I'm out of eggs to make another batch. I also added a couple of drops of red food coloring because it was very pale in color.

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MonkeysMom July 28, 2009

The taste is delicious! I used about 1/2 cup or more fresh sliced strawberries -as we have a lot right now... but I had difficulty getting it to turn to custard at the stove - I must have been standing there 45 minutes stirring - if i do it again, i will cook it in the double boiler over high heat b/c low heat took way too long. But yes, it's tasty!

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cUte Kitty pUnk August 01, 2008

Very good! I wasn't sure I had the right consistency for the custard base, but after time in the freezer it seemed ok. I only made a half recipe but I'm sure I'll be making it again. Thanks for sharing.

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iris5555 July 25, 2006

The Cuisinart ice cream freezer got quite a work out over the long 4th holiday. This was the first of three recipes we tried at “The Hotel California”, and it was very good indeed. I had fresh strawberry freezer jam on hand to embellish an already fine recipe. Slow cooking the custard is the hardest part of this recipe, but it can’t be rushed. I made the custard one day and chilled it overnight before churning in the Cuisinart. I did add 2-3 drops of red food color to make it a light pink. Actually, it then takes another day (or at least several hours) more freezer time to “ripen” the gelato which brings it to serving consistency. Try this with more sliced fresh berries on top. Thanks, Dee!

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San Marcos Sunshine July 11, 2006
Strawberry Gelato (Italian Style)