Strawberry Fruit Leather

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Total Time
5hrs 10mins
Prep 10 mins
Cook 5 hrs

Much tastier than the store bought brands! Kids love em!Servings is for however big you cut the slices!

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  1. Combine pureed berries and applesauce with lemon juice and sugar.
  2. Line a 10x15 in jelly roll pan with plastic wrap. Pour fruit into pan and spread evenly.
  3. Bake about 5 hours at 200F or until leather pulls away from wrap. Flip leather onto counter, peel away plastic and remove any mixture that has not "set." Cut into slices and wrap each in plastic.
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We used this recipe and put it in our food dehydrator. We omitted the 1/4 cup sugar, just mixed strawberry puree, lemon juice and applesauce (also unsweetened) and this came out perfect! So for anyone who wonders if you can make this without added sugar you can :) Thanks for posting this!

We also omitted the sugar and used unsweet applesauce. Kids loved it.....even the neighbor kids who normally eat junk :)

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I made as described and put it into a dehumidifier (sp?) They have specialized inserts for making fruit leather and it was better than tying up my oven for 5! FYI I did try both the oven and dehumidifier and the dehumidifier worked better.