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The cake is good. A bit dry. I agree with previous reviewer that next time I make it, I would use more strawberries for making strawberry juice concentrate. The cake does not have a distinct strawberry flavor. May be due to the quality of frozen strawberries used. I would also make a syrup to wet the cake a bit with some liquor and sugar. I cut the amount of sugar by half for both frosting and cake. It was prefect. I cannot imagine how incredible sweet it would be with the original recipe. I will make again with adjustments.

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akhachatryan21 April 06, 2014

This recipe worked out great with a few changes I had to make and some others I will make in the future. The reduced frozen strawberry juice did not impart as much strawberry flavor as I would have liked so in the future I will use 16 oz rather than 10 oz of frozen strawberries. Hopefully this change will strengthen the strawberry flavor in the cake and the frosting. Also, I had to increase the baking time to 45 minutes. Every oven is different so even though the suggested baking time is 20-25 minutes, I found that my cake needed a longer baking time. Other than that, it was very delicious and will definitely make it again. :)

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M H. February 04, 2014
Strawberry Dream Cake(Cook's Country)