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Great recipe and delicious! I didn't have 2 9" cake pans available so I used a bundt pan instead and baked it for 40 minutes at 350. Still came out perfectly moist and delicious. I made the frosting as directed, but it turned out to be about double what I needed in my case.

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Daisy D Petals June 03, 2010

I made this for my daughters 2nd b-day and It turned out great...I had many comments on how great the cake was and no one had ANY idea that it was a box cake! It was very moist and a bit rich. I used the strawberry mix and used a buttercream frosting...yum! Thank you!

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cranemaiden February 04, 2010

The name says it all. This cake is delicious. The frosting is really the topper, no pun intended :) It's got a wonderful texture and thickness that although it covers nicely, is not so thick that you have to dig through it to to get to the cake like with so many other types of frostings. This is a wonderful recipe, it's simple and easy, but looks like you spent hours making it. Thanks for the wonderful creation!

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Gracie D. March 21, 2010

Oh my gosh. I wish I could give this cake more stars. It was friggin' AWESOME. I made this for my aunt's bday and everyone absolutely LOVED it. It was sooooo good. I especially loved the cream cheese in the cake. The white chocolate in the frosting was delightful. I too made the cake w/ strawberry cake mix. The only problem I had was that the frosting wasn't as thick as I had hoped. I made the frosted cake and chilled it over night hoping it would thicken up and it was still soft to the touch almost 24 hrs later. Between the cakes, on top of the center frosting, I added sliced fresh strawberries and then also used them to cover the whole cake for even better taste and pretty presentation.

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NellieGirl21550 May 18, 2009

I made this for your Birthday-it was so pretty and everyone devoured it in minutes! So easy and DELICIOUS!!! Happy Birthday, Kitten, and thank you for a great recipe! Also made for the Think Pink Tag Game In Honor of Breast Cancer Awareness, October 2008.

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Mrs.Jack October 31, 2008

I made this for my daughter's birthday - she was so happy that the cake was pink and loved the taste even more. My boys loved the taste and dense texture. I didn't love the cake, but I did love how happy the cake made the birthday girl and the boys.

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raposok August 16, 2008

Made this for my daughter's dance recital a couple of weeks ago, and it was delicious! We used fresh strawberries we had picked ourselves, and it was like eating a slice of spring! Thanks for your help Kitten, it was a nice ending for the evening after her recital!

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kitchenslave03 June 10, 2008

My daughter and I shared our birthday yesterday-hers is the 6th and mine is the 3rd. I prepared this for our party because she always loved strawberry cake as a little girl. This was not her grandmothers recipe and I was worried. Not anymore, this is the new family recipe. Sooooo yummy! Thank you.

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liltle fruitcake May 05, 2008

2 things helped my decision to make this cake. One reason was that the recipe was submitted by Kittencal. The other reason was that it only took (2) 9" cake pans because I have (2) 8" and (2) 9' cake pans and the other strawberry cake recipes I was considering were calling for 3. Thank you Kittencal for another fabulous recipe. I made this cake for someone's birthday, at work, and I knew that he loves strawberries. From other reviews, I decided to make it with a strawberry cake mix and it turned out perfect - it was so incredibly moist. When I made the icing, I couldn't stop tasting it, the white chocolate put it over the top! After making the icing, I put it in the freezer for about 10 minutes before frosting the cake. The icing was of a thinner consistency than a traditional icing, but consider the ingredients. So, after I frosted the cake, I returned it to the freezer for awhile and then put it in the fridge until the next morning. I garnished the top border with slices of fresh strawberries, and in the middle of the cake, I placed a white chocolate covered strawberry, which I ceremoniously gave to the birthday boy. I knew I had a winner just because of the icing, but was still not sure of the cake, as a whole, until I had my first bite, which sent me into ectasy! Everyone loved it, especially him. Thanks, Kittencal for posting it!!

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pgserver6 April 01, 2008

Wowwee!!! This cake was amazing! So very moist and delicious! I used strawberry cake mix and it came out perfect at 25 mins. The frosting was great, but I chilled it overnight before adding the cool whip to make sure it was nice and thick - turned out perfect! I used fresh berries and added a little bit of sugar and let them sit a few minutes before pureeing them in the blender. Turned out beautiful and absolutely delicious! Thanks!

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PurplePen May 17, 2007
Strawberry Creamy-Dreamy Cake